Decipher That by Decipher

Decipher That by Decipher

Decipher dropped a hard pounding new track “Decipher That”. With punchlines and crazy flow on the song, he’s making a statement that he’s still in the hip hop game. In the video, he projects pop culture visuals that sync with his rhymes. Pay attention carefully to the video and you’ll see that it’s one continuous shot.

Be sure to get his mixtape “The Effect” with song like The Introduction, There She Goes, Catch Me If You Can, Life and Catch Me If You Can Asian American Remix.

Decipher That by Decipher (contains profanity)

Lyrics to Decipher That by Decipher

If you ain’t know the name is DC, Decipher, hoe
it’s ride or die, I drive and go like what I got a license for?
in life I’m so the early bird, the worm is like your hoe
pick her up 7 O’ clock on the dot, I’m on my Nice and Slow
when the lights are low the dice are rolled, heard life’s a gamble
could die today, rather light this choke than light a candle
got to take a shot, you light on ammo, I am Rambo
type commando, life’s a bitch or life’s a beach, I’ll die in sandals
riding manual, at the boutique switching gear
give me that, give me that rack, give me that in black, make it dissapear
this blunt is Britney Spears, hit that baby one more time
take a look at the best in the game like which way is the jumbrotron?
from where the sun don’t shine, Philly mother fucker
so what the glass as half empty? go fill it mother fucker
know what the deal is mother fucker
keep on passing that Boombastic, call me Mr. Lover Lover
I’mma soldier, war paint, stand and salute
fly as a mother fucker, fall and land on your roof
I’m acting like rapping is trapping, I’m bagging the crack in the back with a Macbook
give dap with a track and they back for the pack cause that shit is actually that good
blasted off that kush, high as solar rays
my problems go away, the L make my eyes lower case
bitch fine as Sonya Blade, flawless victory
pussy shaved on the sides, I call it Mr. T
these bars are history, know you repeat them
stay down or lay down, shoutout to K-town, soju I’m bleeding
Nobu sashimi, like bitch, I’m raw as that
lit them up, 2pac when I Hit Em Up, but they never call me back
where the laundromat? these rappers washed up
been paid our dues, you can’t imagine what it cost us
but I learned keep patient, keep working late and don’t flirt wit Satan
keep the purple blazing, we smoking roaches; exterminating
these nerds are hating, impersonating, they want to be me
should pay attention, what, you thought this shit was going to be free?
step up infront of DC like you was at the White House
it’s December 26th, somebody need to knock your lights out
Muzo the lifestyle, TBC the co-defendants
Johnnyphlo body your sloppy flow with his broken English
we Jehovah’s Witness, Dumb told me to Knocksteady
got a lot to get off our chest, yes, we top heavy
I’m on my Rocksteady, everybody want to be Bebop
haters on that happy hour, now they taking cheap shots
and they like to ask what I write these raps for, I just laugh
like if you still can’t understand it I could help you decipher that

Got a long way to go
So I got to go now
Don’t know how to slow down

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  1. daewooparts

    I LOVE THIS TRACK,its dope ,decipher has always been among the top in class among asian american rappers as he keeps it real and does some of the best collabs out there.

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