OoWee by Anoop Desai

OoWee by Anoop Desai

Singer Anoop Desai released another track “OoWee” off his upcoming Zero.0 EP. It’s the second song he’s leaked out from the album. The former American Idol contestant sings an upbeat love song that will have you saying “OoWee”. You can download single for FREE here. Look for his 10-track EP Zero.0 to hit the internet on Wednesday, March 23, 2011. Meanwhile, Anoop is leaking one track from Zero.0 every Wednesday until the release. (Listen to last week’s release “Want Your Love“.)

The Zero.0 EP is the first of three albums Anoop will be releasing this year as part of his Zero Trilogy. Everything he’s done since American Idol has been self-funded including the “Zero” Trilogy. For him, this project is about bringing back the fidelity of the human voice and creating music that fans will love. He’s looking to raise $10,000 to help fund this project. If you would like to support him, you can go here.

OoWee by Anoop Desai

Also listen to some tracks off his current album All is Fair including My Name and All is Fair.

More about Anoop Desai
From first-generation Indian-American to American Idol— Pop/R&B singer Anoop Desai’s journey typifies the American Dream. Anoop has shattered boundaries in Pop/R&B music with a voice that’s a force to be reckoned with and a new sound that is sure to captivate audiences across the world. Aiming his sights on a mix between Usher, Justin Timberlake, and Bruno Mars, Anoop finds his own sound by buttering his listeners up with smooth vocals and sweet hooks over blazing tracks. Anoop Desai is a phenom, fixing his eyes on not only dominating the charts and advancing his talents in TV/Film, but also on continuing to banish social and racial boundaries and serve as a role model for today’s youth.

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  1. JML_NC

    Anoop’s music is amazing, and he has SO many different flavors to his songs. His project “Zero Trilogy” is important and deserves the support of fans who appreciate vocal integrity, and an independent artist of Anoop Desai’s caliber. OoWee!!

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