The X Factor USA Auditions

The X Factor USA Auditions

THE X FACTOR, the highly anticipated singing competition debuting this fall on FOX, will hold auditions starting this weekend. In a departure from other singing competition series, the first time a contestant auditions for THE X FACTOR judges, he/she will do so in front of an audience of thousands – raising the stakes and increasing the pressure to impress not only the judges, but also a potential legion of fans. This will be the ultimate test to prove they have the vocal ability, charisma and stage presence that it takes to become a global superstar and win an unprecedented $5 million recording contract with Syco/Sony Music.

The show is making a concerted effort to reach Asian American artists. Do you have what it takes? Given the recent incident involving a young white UCLA student ranting about Asians in the library, we need to step and be heard to stop this ignorance. One way is to make sure that we are promoting our natural talents on shows like The X FACTOR. How great would it be if an APA singer/vocal group won that $5 Million dollar prize?

The X Factor is looking for solo singers, girl groups, duos, boy bands or vocal groups. Maybe you and your friends have always wanted to form a group? Now is your time! The competition is open to everyone that is 12 years old (as of March 1, 2011) and above, with no age cap. Any type of music works – pop, rock, rap, country, R&B, alternative, hip-hop… you name it! Are you willing to brave the panel for a chance to make their dreams come true?

This could be your first step to competing for the chance to win a $5 Million dollar recording contract with Sony Music. They’re only going to six cities, so make your plans now!
Los Angeles: Sunday March 27th – L.A Sports Arena (Registration – March 26th)
Miami: Thursday April 7th – Bank United Center (Registration – April 6th)
NYC / New Jersey: Thursday April 14th – The Prudential Center (Registration – April 13th)
Seattle: Wednesday April 20th – Key Arena (Registration – April 19th)
Chicago: Wednesday April 27th – Sears Centre (Registration – April 26th)
Dallas: Thursday May 26th – Dallas Convention Center (Registration – May 25th)

Interested solo artists and vocal groups should sign up now for audition information here or call toll-free 855-345-5678.

You MUST register and pick up your wristband the day prior to the audition. The registration is simple – you can stop by anytime within 24 hours prior to the audition day – starting at 6am. If you plan on bringing family and friends to your audition, they must register as well.
You MUST bring two (2) forms of ID to registration day that show proof of your age and a photograph (for example, a birth certificate and driver’s license or a birth certificate and a passport or a birth certificate and a school ID card).

You must be a US citizen, or eligible to work freely in the US, and not currently under a recording contract.
Anyone younger than 18, that will be attending the auditions (auditioning or not) must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.
Minors or those without a driver’s license, who are auditioning or supporters of those auditioning, may use a school ID or acceptable substitute (such as a yearbook page that includes a printed name with photo AND a birth certificate matching the name).
If the minor is too young to have any form of photo ID, then that minor’s parent or guardian should present a photo ID and the child’s birth certificate that includes the parent’s name with the child’s name on the certificate.

On the day of the audition, you need to arrive at the venue before 8am. Please prepare a verse and a chorus of 3 songs without tracks or instruments. Pick your song choice wisely as it should represent you as an artist. Whether you are a soloist or a vocal group, remember this is your time to shine, so make sure that you are well rehearsed and dressed to impress!
There will be a long wait so prepare for the day with suitable snacks, drinks and dress appropriately for the weather. For more information, please visit our website at; Toll free information line: 855 345 5678. If successful, you will need to be available the next day.

2 thoughts on “The X Factor USA Auditions

  1. Maddi Willis

    I am 14 and I really want to audition. I have always wanted to do something with my voice, but I don’t know if I could audition in front of 3,000 people. I’ve sang in at my church, and at choir concerts, but none of them were even close to 3,000. Also what about school? What if I make it on? Would I get my credits that I need to graduate? Someone mentioned that they would have tutors. But that’s really my major problems. Me and my friend Sadie really want to do this. And auditions are the day after my birthday. Thanks for listening to my concerns and questions.

  2. Khrissie

    Well im 18 and i have done the American Idol auditions and they were nothing like that. There are going to be wayy to many people there you dont get to even say your name the judges will know nothing about you. You go up there and sing your heart out. And school they will make sure that you get your proper edu. That is first to them. If it means they have to pay for you to fly home and go to school they will do that for you. Dont worry about the 3000 people just go up there and do your best if anything its a great experince and you can tell people hey i did that. I hope this helped you out. GOOD LUCK!

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