K-Town Reality Show Sizzle Reel

K-Town Reality Show Sizzle Reel

The sizzle reel for the K-Town Reality Show has been leaked online. The first half of the 1 minute video is filled with the stereotypical Asian American model minority images. Once you hit the midpoint, you get to see some fresh new footage for the upcoming show. Often billed as the Asian Jersey Shore, the cast of on Steve Kim, Scarlet Chan, Young Lee, Violet Kim, Joe Cha, Jasmine Chang, Peter Le, and Jennifer Field can be seen partying it up. The initial still photos we first showed you on channelAPA.com comes to life. It’s got grinding, girl on girl action, half naked buff guys, drinking, fighting, drinking, dancing, and drinking. Fans will be enticed with the clips, while haters will find more reasons to hate.

We expect more videos to be leaked leading up to the premiere of the K-Town Reality Show.
(thanks to the anonymous tipster for the link.)

K-Town Reality Show Sizzle Reel

K-Town Reality Show Sizzle Reel ( unblocked)

4 thoughts on “K-Town Reality Show Sizzle Reel

  1. Asians in the Library

    Have they announced what TV channel this is going to be on? MTV or VH1 perhaps? Either way, regardless of all the ones complaining…you know you all will watch!

  2. admin Post author

    Back in December, two cast members previously confirmed that the show has been picked up. Scarlet Chan confirmed it here and Joe Cha confirmed it here. Producer Tyrese also confirmed it on his twitter saying “Ladies and Gentleman proud to say we just closed our K-Town Deal!! Who and what is K-town?? I’m glad you asked standby.” No public announcements have been made as to which network the show will air. stay tuned!!

  3. Fighting 44

    Rumor I hear is that it’s not MTV or VH1, but E! that picked up the show. Someone said she saw it on a facebook picture uploaded by someone who tagged one of the cast members in it (apparently it was taken down within a few hours.) I’m excited for this show.

  4. alexandra

    Well, appearantly this “show” isn’t seeing the light of day. There was zero originality about it, even the song on the pilot is a Keisha rip off. Very asian.

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