Dim Sum Comedy Tour

Dim Sum Comedy Tour

The South boasts the second highest Asian Pacific American (APA) population in the country, but few APA entertainers dare to breach the intimidating Bible Belt. That changes this April. The “Dim Sum Funny Ass Ninjas” stand-up comedy tour, headlining three of California’s premier APA comedians, debuts April 2011 with four shows in the South.

“The show is a celebration of APA heritage,” says comedian Paul (PK) Kim. The show touches into the practical (e.g. How to successfully win an argument with a female), the profound (e.g. the true definition of ugly), and typical “APA issues” (e.g. the challenges APA school children face when trading food at lunch).

“You don’t have to be of APA heritage to enjoy the humor. The ‘white people’ and Latinos tend to laugh the loudest, but it could just be the reserved nature of Asians,” jokes PK.

The show features three comedy masters who have performed worldwide from Hong Kong to Hawaii, from Hollywood to London: Joey Guila, one of P. Diddy’s Bad Boys of Comedy, a Filipino King of Comedy and current host for MYX TV’s MYX-Rated; PK, the founder of Kollaboration, host every Friday at the World Famous Los Angeles Laugh Factory, and host of Mnet’s new show Beats Per M-net; and Mark Zhang (aka the Zhangster), headliner and founder of the emerging comedy powerhouse the Cocky Asians Comedy, featured on NBC’s Last Comic Standing and Comedy TV, and frequent headliner at the San Francisco Punchline.

In addition to providing spiritual healing for their audiences, the comedians are promoting philanthropy through their tour, donating proceeds and increasing awareness for various community and charity organizations at each show, including children’s charities Vogul Alcove, Linking the World : Japan Tsunami Disaster Relief, and the W.O. Smith Music School and non-profit, performing arts organizations Kollaboration Houston and Kollaboration Atlanta.

The Dim Sum Funny Ass Ninjas are spicing up the South this April. As Joey Guila puts it, “We’re bringing the soy sauce back.”

Houston – Wed. April 20
Dallas – Thurs. April 21
Nashville – Fri. April 22
Atlanta – Sat. April 23

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Dim Sum Comedy Tour

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