Together music video by Baiyu

Together music video by Baiyu

Singer Baiyu released a music video for her song “Together” off her Fan Fair album. “Together is an R&B feel good song,” she confides. “It’s definitely a song that’s meant to empower the listener and really convey that things are going to be okay. Essentially, my music is the byproduct of my personal story. Hopefully, my story, through song, will help others in need.” Here’s more from Baiyu about her music video:

The shoot for “Together” was definitely one of the most fun times I’ve had doing a music video! My other two videos (Sweet Misery and When We Dance) were done in Hawaii, which I absolutely love, but coming home to New York to film this one with my close group of friends just felt right. Jamming out in the subway station was such a humbling experience.

I’m lucky to have a ton of great friends and fans who are supportive of the message and spirit behind the song. I’m so glad that we all had a chance to come together and share our personal thoughts and words of encouragement with the folks in Japan who are still rebuilding through the rubble of the tsunami and earthquake devastation. I really want the video to be a heartwarming take on how we can all do our part to help each other in a time of need, no matter how large or small the effort. This whole project is very close to my heart.

100% of the proceeds from “Together” and the EP “Fan Fair” will go to the Japanese Red Cross. Get you copy on Together - Single - Baiyu.

Together music video by Baiyu

Lyrics to Together by Baiyu

You know you can come to me
Whenever you’re in need
I will stand by your side
Through and through

Whenever you’re feeling down
I’ll pick you up off the ground
Just know that you’re not alone
We can win this fight together

Verse I:
Through hard times
In simple ways
That’s how I show you
That I care for you (yeah)

I know we’ve been through
Ups and downs
But you wiped my tears away
Told me that we’ll find a way

Sub Chorus:
Now we’re sitting on top of the world
Just you and your favorite girl
And I
Know that nothing can defeat us

Just hold my hand
And I’ll hold yours
If we never let go (go)
Baby we got it


Verse II:
There’s never been a pair like us
Anybody’s seen before
Jordan and Pippen ain’t got
Nothing on us we’re too hot

Nothing can come between the two
And everything you are
To me
Makes me believe
And now

Sub Chorus


Noone ever has to be alone
There’s always someone to count on
Even though you might think you’re on your own
Just look around for somebody to say


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