Rick Quan interviews Jeremy Lin & Rex Walters

Rick Quan interviews Jeremy Lin & Rex Walters

Our readers in the San Francisco Bay Area will remember sports anchor Rick Quan. It’s been a minute since we heard from him, but the guy is coming back strong with his own website, AsianAmericanSports.com. Here’s a little more about his site:

During my thirty years as a local television sportscaster I have always had a desire to showcase Asian American athletes. For too long Asian Americans, especially men have suffered from poor stereotypes. Often portrayed as physically weak and inferior to others this website hopes to help change that image. In the future I plan to bring you the stories of Asian American male and female athletes who have broken stereotypes and are pioneers in their sport. Please tell your friends and feel free to make suggestions on who you would like to see profiled.

Glad to see Rick Quan back doing what he’s passionate about and helping Asian American athletes. See his interviews with Asian American pioneers Jeremy Lin and Rex Walters.

Now that Jeremy Lin has finished his first season in the NBA, Rick Quan had a chance to sit down and talk to him about his journey to the pros, breaking racial stereotypes and how he was able to handle the pressure of being the first Chinese American in the NBA.

Rick Quan interviews half Japanese athlete/coach Rex Walters and talks about his journey as a HAPA in the NBA. Even after his career as an athlete, he’s still contributing as a basketball coach.

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