Help Kevjumba build a school in Kenya for his 21st birthday

Help Kevjumba build a school in Kenya for his 21st birthday

Kevjumba just turned 21. In his latest video, he’s growing out his hair and his douche friend won’t stop being a douche. His friend is no nice guy.

He’s also bringing back JumbaFund after a long hiatus. He was inspired after a recent trip to Kenya with The Supply Group to teach underprivileged kids. For his 21st birthday, Kevjumba partnered with The Supply Education Group to donate his birthday to build the first ever secondary school in a slum community in Nairobi, Kenya. Basically, Kevjumba is asking his followers to donate $21 for his 21st birthday to try to raise $50,000 to build a 5 classroom secondary school. This is one of the first times a Youtube celebrity is doing something like this. Kevjumba has been blessed with so much support thus far and now wants to use all those blessings to give back. That’s why he using his 21st birthday to make a difference. He want to make a change in this world.

People making cameos in his videos include Ryan Higa, JR Aquino, and Victor Kim

Kevjumba turns 21

JumbaFund is back

The Supply Education Group campaign for Kevjumba birthday. They’re shooting for at least 2381 people to donate $21 each to raise $50,000 to build this school.

2 thoughts on “Help Kevjumba build a school in Kenya for his 21st birthday

  1. Andrew

    Cool that he’s doing something like this, finally. John and Hank Green and their Nerdfighter followers have been helping reduce worldsuck for ages. I was wondering when the Jumba crowd would get around to realizing that entertainment doesn’t have to be reduced to entertaining.

  2. Kevin Wu Fan

    You’re so so cool!! I <3 U and…and..I just wanna help you ;3 I watching yours videos <3 (:: ยข: ^_^

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