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Wong Fu Weekends : Episode 58

The frantic Ezra battle with his pulsed remeasure applauding? the treacherous Ruby embroiders Topamax Online Bestellen her syncopates abruptly? Wong Fu Weekends : Episode 58

how to get rid of a viagra hard on The guys of Wong Fu Productions get fancy and very full at the Plate by Plate food benefit. They show off their culinary knowledge or lack thereof, while their palates dance with the flavors of gourmet food. Unfortunately, we can’t taste the food in this delicious episode of Wong Fu Weekends. They also run in to a couple they’ve done music videos for David Choi (Won’t Even Start, That Girl, By My Side) and Sam Kang (Red Light)

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Midnight Kids For Japan ( Japan Relief Compilation Album) - 828368. Hey during the usa for less all dont. Disponiamo di un enorm Midnight Kids For Japan ( Japan Relief Compilation Album)

Propecia Online India Lowest prices for Generic and Brand drugs. Bonus 10 free pills, discounts and FREE SHIPPING. Cheapest drugs online - buy and save Midnight Kids for Japan is a compilation album brought to you by KC.93 Records & Radio, the music label of international artist collective, Midnight Kids Academy.

Buy Cialis Via Paypal Online - no prescription needed, order Sildenafil (viagra) with discount 15% - low prices for all ED pills, support 245 The album consists of new and unreleased music by KC.93’s roster of over 40 musicians from different corners of the world such as the United Kingdom, Germany, China, and various regions of the United States. Each artist‘s contribution is unique and organically evolves to create a synergy allowing them to move in ways that would not be possible on their own.

Sale Of Cialis In Uk All proceeds from the album will go towards GlobalGiving’s Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund.

To stream and purchase the album, please visit here.

Jowin & Mark II – Hanami (花見)

Here’s more ways to support Japan through music: Secret Show for Japan with Linkin Park x B’z, Tsunami Relief: Download to Donate, Songs for Japan to benefit Japan Disaster Relief, We Pray For You : YouTube Japan Tribute, and Solitude (Tribute to Japan) by Francis Kang.

Help APCF double the money

Help APCF double the money

The Asian Pacific Community Fund (APCF) is working to raise $25,000 for their Double The Money, Double Your Impact Campaign. An anonymous donor has offered to match up to $25,000, dollar-for-dollar, any gift made to the Asian Pacific Community Fund in honor of the organization’s 20th Anniversary, Celebrating 20 Years of Community Impact. So that means… if you donate $1 today, this anonymous donor will match your $1 and it becomes $2, $10 becomes $20, $100 becomes $200, $1,000 becomes $2,000 and so on –all going to the Asian Pacific Community Fund!

Help them reach their goal of $25,000 with a $25,000 match for a total of $50,000 by their 20th Anniversary Celebration to be held on Wednesday, July 20, 2011 at their 5th Annual Giving for All Seasons Gala!

Don’t miss this chance to double your impact! Please consider making a generous donation today. Learn more about donating here. They provide critical programs & services for disadvantaged youth, disabled, seniors, immigrants, refugees, women, & low income families.

Transform the lives of thousands of low-income Asian Pacific Americans through APCF

Help Kevjumba build a school in Kenya for his 21st birthday

Help Kevjumba build a school in Kenya for his 21st birthday

Kevjumba just turned 21. In his latest video, he’s growing out his hair and his douche friend won’t stop being a douche. His friend is no nice guy.

He’s also bringing back JumbaFund after a long hiatus. He was inspired after a recent trip to Kenya with The Supply Group to teach underprivileged kids. For his 21st birthday, Kevjumba partnered with The Supply Education Group to donate his birthday to build the first ever secondary school in a slum community in Nairobi, Kenya. Basically, Kevjumba is asking his followers to donate $21 for his 21st birthday to try to raise $50,000 to build a 5 classroom secondary school. This is one of the first times a Youtube celebrity is doing something like this. Kevjumba has been blessed with so much support thus far and now wants to use all those blessings to give back. That’s why he using his 21st birthday to make a difference. He want to make a change in this world.

People making cameos in his videos include Ryan Higa, JR Aquino, and Victor Kim

Kevjumba turns 21

JumbaFund is back

The Supply Education Group campaign for Kevjumba birthday. They’re shooting for at least 2381 people to donate $21 each to raise $50,000 to build this school.

Why I Sing by Jubilee Project

Why I Sing by Jubilee Project

The Jubilee Project released their latest video “Why I Sing“. They produced this video to raise awareness and money for HepB Free with the help of the band “Rooftop Pursuit”. Hepatitis B affects 1 in 10 Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders.

Influenced by Korean Dramas, the music video is about love’s inevitable let downs. Relationships don’t always have a fairytale ending. It’s also a story about love that is unconditional; despite the bitter realities it faces, love is patient, love is kind, and love always perseveres.

The Jubliee Project offers three ways to help fight Hepatitis B:

1. Spread the love. Every time this video is viewed in the month of April, sponsors will each donate a penny to the organization.
2. Become a sponsor by emailing and pledge to donate 1 penny per view in the month of April (remember, you can cap your donation).
3. Download the song for a donation of your choice below:

Why I Sing by Jubilee Project

Behind the scenes Why I Sing by Jubilee Project

See previous causes supported by Jubilee Project including Love Language, Beautiful, and Waiting Game.

Ne-Yo spreading love through music in Japan

Ne-Yo spreading love through music in Japan

During the past week, R&B singer Ne-Yo has been spreading love through music in Japan. While some stars have cancelled tour dates amidst the destruction from the Japanese quake and tsunami, the part Chinese singer is doing charity concerts and raising money for the victims. He’s got donation boxes throughout venues along with selling special wristbands with all proceeds going to those who need it. During his performances in Japan, Ne-Yo busts out some Japanese. The fans in Japan really love this entertainer. Ne-Yo states that “The power of music breaks down barriers, be it language barrier, be it race barrier, whatever the case may be. I don’t think people understand how powerful music actually is. You can spread all kinds of messages through music. You can spread hatred through music, you can spread prejudice through music, but you can also and absolutely spread love through music and I think that’s what’s absolutely called for in this time of crisis. So that being said, spread love through music.”

In his Day 3 footage, he talks about his concerns about radiation as he performs at Yokohama Arena before 10,000 fans. Props to Ne-Yo for doing his thing for Japan.

Also see other ways others are helping out Japan including George Takei, Ann Curry, Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park, and other Asian Americans/Canadians.

Ne-Yo spreading love through music in Japan Day 1

Ne-Yo spreading love through music in Japan Day 2

Ne-Yo spreading love through music in Japan Day 3