Can’t Let You Go by Maribelle Anes

Can't Let You Go by Maribelle Anes

Singer Maribelle Anes released a new original song “Can’t Let You Go”. She delivers a track about not wanting to fight in the relationship you’re in anymore. Despite the screaming and the fighting, you can’t let them go because you still love them. It’s love pulling you in two different directions.

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Can’t Let You Go by Maribelle Anes

Lyrics to Can’t Let You Go by Maribelle Anes

Verse 1:
I’m runnin’ out of breath
no air is my chest
its like i can’t breathe again
we have another fight
another sleepless night
it’s like i can’t see the end

were screaming on a daily basis
why we keep wasting
something that was once so strong (ooh)
I can’t keep on fakin’
smiling around my friends when
deep inside I feel so wrong

can we fix this?
stop the screaming
I don’t wanna have to feel the need to leave when
there’s no need and
my addiction
is you, is you, is you

we can do this
we’ll get through this
I don’t wanna keep crying
I don’t wanna fight no more
I hate that I love you,
I can’t let you go

I can’t – ooh

I try forgive you
but you don’t listen to a word I say
you’re stubborn
you don’t learn
but I still love you in every way
I won’t fight
you baby baby
i won’t lie
to you
I will try
my hardest to keep you in my life

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