Houston Rockets Yao Ming to retire from NBA

Houston Rockets Yao Ming to retire from NBA

Multiple sources are reporting that Houston Rockets center Yao Ming has decided to retire after nine NBA seasons. Due to injuries, Yao Ming has only played 5 games over the past two seasons. He’s never fully recovered after surgery on his left foot to repair a stress fracture. Yahoo Sports blogged that he gave notice of his decision to leave the league with in the past 48 hours. No official word from Yao Ming.

Yao Ming was slated to be a free agent once the NBA lockout ends. If this is true, the #1 draft pick of the 2002 NBA draft will end his career with almost 500 games played and averaging 19 points, 1.9 blocks, and 9.3 rebounds per game. We’ll miss seeing the 7 ft 6 in center play on the courts of the NBA.

What will he do in retirement? In 2009, he purchased his former team, the Shanghai Sharks, in China. Yao will have his hands full with that club and probably endorsement deals.

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