Scars Are Left by Phlip

Scars Are Left by Phlip

Rapper Phlip put out a personal track called “Scars Are Left”. He strives to succeed in the music industry despite the obstacles he’s gone through in life. His flow comes strong throughout the song. You can download the track FREE here. Look for more form the K.i.D. team soon.

Scars Are Left by Phlip (contains profanity)

Lyrics to Scars Are Left by Phlip

I’m going in on the beat fucc the mic checc,
This aint no workout but I gotta get shit off my chest,
A lot is on mind and now I can’t stand it,
I’m feeling really lost like the city of atlantis,
Its not how I planned it, its not what I pictured,
My life is such a blurr like its sippn on some liqour,
This music sh*t is not all what it seems,
Gotta get through the nightmares just to get to your dreams see,
love for the music, tell that to my parents,
Got they doubts like I’m in a fucced up marriage,
But this music is the only thing that gets me, cuz in the end this the
only thing that never left me,
Got no condom so I’m goin raw in this sh*t,
Learned to trust certain females, but not a bitch,
And all your friends are gonna say that they got your back,
But the real ones do it when its time to act,
N I aint knoccin on nobody, uh,
Just stop frontin like u called shotty uh,
And for all the doods that are braggin that they jumped me
Ask yourself how many did it take to touch me,
ill be the bigger person and set that sh*t to the side,
I’m a real man I do my thang despite mite pride,
I’m out here grinding doing what I love most,
Doing something with my life music heard from coast to coast,
Enough with the bullsh*t its time to get real, I’m bout to eat this
beat up, this a big meal,
I give the fans what they want cuz they want more,
I’ll show the ropes to these rappers, this a tugga a war,
I’m on that real shit, nothing like a game to me,
Rappers take this shit for granted that’s a shame to see,
And I’m a shamed of myself for what I did,
Lived to the fullest to the point where I didn’t,
One to many pills almost overdosed,
Lost in this world like I was a lonely ghost,
Relationships too, getz you all f*cked up,
Got me thinking if I really knew what love was,
I know I f*cked up, I’m here to admit,
But It takes two tango you selfish bitch,
F*ck it, see I gotta make this shit happen,
Hit em with a hook then a punchline casting,
beat in a casket, I’m cold where’s my jacket,
I’m killing on this beat and this is just practice,
Cant match it, run it on this track sh*t,
Sponge bob show I’m a star, patrick,
I got more to spill so ill keep the flow going,
This aint no celebration so there aint no show boatin,
New beginning, and the time heals all wounds,
But the scars are left to remind what I’ve gone through

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