LXD Season 3 Episode 3

LXD Season 3 Episode 3

Jon M. Chu’s LXD Season 3 : The Rise of the Drifts follows the Extraordinary 7 in the episode entitled “Forbidden”. As the carnival of the Extraordinary 7 goes up in flames, they make a blood pact to never use their powers. From the ashes of greed and power, they make a promise for the good of the world. They scatter in different directions, but no matter how far they go the Temptress always seducing and enticing them. Is it just a matter of time before Karey reunites them to use their power for their evil ambitions?

FYI – Harry Shum Jr. fans, be sure to catch next week’s episode as her returns to The LXD as Elliot Hoo.

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LXD Season 3 Episode 3

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