The Friend Zone by freshKiDD x J.Rican

The Friend Zone by freshKiDD x J.Rican

Rappers freshKiDD x J.Rican tackles the difficult topic of falling for your friend in the track “The Friend Zone”. Torn by the possibilities of good and bad outcomes, the two fear that they just be stuck in the friend zone. It’s a smooth song that will have you contemplating whether being with a friend is a good idea or not. You can download the single FREE here.

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The Friend Zone by freshKiDD x J.Rican

Lyrics to The Friend Zone by freshKiDD x J.Rican

[VERSE 1 // J. Rican]
Uh-oh.. / I think I did it again.. /
Fell in love but it’s different ’cause this time I fell in love with a friend /
I don’t think she feels the same way /
I don’t know what to say /
I want to tell her how I feel but this could end up the wrong way /
This could end up the wrong way /
I sit and think of possibilities what could really happen if she felt the same way about me but then I just start laughing ’cause love is a cruel joke and I fell for it again..

[CHORUS x2 // J. Rican, freshKiDD]
Uh-oh.. I think I did it again.. /
(Told myself back then I wouldn’t let it happen now I’m back again, uh!) /
Fell in love with the wrong one ’cause we’ll always just be friends /
(Wishing this type of love could work but I know it just won’t /
I’m stuck in the friend zone)

[VERSE 2 // freshKiDD]
Why you got to be so fine and captivating? /
Ugh, damn! / I did it again /
Feelings beginning to differ and I’m getting impatient /
Irritated you and I ain’t dating.. / Wait, what am I saying? /
What am I? / Insane? / My brain’s been scrimmaging through your picturesque images, building a billion pixels /
It’s ridiculous /
Imagination painting meticulous frames at an evasive rate / I can’t keep up with the pace /
Nah.. / I’m a little dazed.. /
So, how ’bout we flip the roles / Dip the zone /
Uhh.. / You know I’m try’na get in those ’cause I want you /
Want to freak? / I-I-I / I mean.. freak! / The hell’s creeping into my mind? /
I’m into you.. / Why?! / And why’s it “best friend”‘s what you calling me when it’s less than what I want to be? /
Least that’s what I thought ’cause see, I regret letting the heart in me speak then watching a part of me leave..


[OUTRO x2 // freshKiDD]
I’m stuck in the friend zone..

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