Ice Age by The Airplane Boys

Ice Age by The Airplane Boys
The Airplane Boys dropped the video for their track “Ice Age” off their “Where’ve’ You Been” mixtape. The horror driven story line has group member Beck Motley getting kidnapped by people wearing face masks of US Presidents as the musical duo watched on TV. The video offer a social commentary on the state of today’s economic environment, which is terrifying with sky high unemployment and global banking systems on the verge of collapse. The public is being constantly told to buy and consume, but are we just all zombies in this world of the “American Dream”? Is a new economic Ice Age on the horizon?

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Ice Age by The Airplane Boys (contains brief nudity and adult gestures)

Lyrics to Ice Age by The Airplane Boys

Call it emotional
but I can’t be more sure
we over thinking the battle inside the cold war
the cold war
my weapon I draw with the pen, while you draw with the sword
feel the pain with my ink like a tattoo, body is sore
mind body and soul
lover or fighter divided love administers war
the guilt that provided a wall with surprising decore
searching for more
future is yours
but I ask myself if the end is near
are you ready for the revolution my dear
government oil with religion and fear
underwent violence, faces, tears
freedom, prison, places killed
when the war paints on, wolf gang amadeus
drop from the red sky, the bombardiers
they all wanna feel what the ice age is
oh you don’t know fear to reappear
light to dark, what’s right to compare
cold as ice good night

Stuck but I’m pacing
stopped but I’m racing
I’m impatient lap for lap the last few times that I’ve been here ain’t much change fear but a long gone year
gone to fast for human ears to hear
your living to slow for me, they making it snow for me
they made me so cold
love me or hate me, or just press the escape key
who will awake thee
beast inside of me now
fiending for a feed now the moon is coming out
hearts in a place where the sun don’t shine
I just fall back let the blind lead blind
man with a still tongue keeps a wise mind
I dont lost mine
can’t read signs
this ain’t the world
society’s cry
give them the oil lets rejoice we nice
pause your next move we roll the dice
whats that about we just growing
but the past repeats itself showing
we’re suppressed but blessed is un-coding
anarchy wrapped in hierarchy
lies to the people eat your still starving
served through a tube you praise, like where are we
same story
toppling buildings
genocide children
ice age killed em

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