The Monogamy Experiment : Episode 4

The Monogamy Experiment: Episode 4

Actress Amy Rider brings you another episode of her mockumentary “The Monogamy Experiment”. With her and her boyfriend in an open relationship, Amy continues hitting up the online personals. What she gets isn’t exactly what she expected. Date after date, she gets guys with Asian female stereotypes stuck in their heads. In this episode entitled “Watch Your Back,” she deals with a lot of racial and language issues. Her assistant Lisa isn’t really helping her either.

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The Monogamy Experiment : Episode 4

Also look for the film about open relationships Yes, We’re Open next year.

More about The Monogamy Experiment
The Monogamy Experiment is a hybrid mockumentary/documentary webseries. The project was conceived in early 2011 by actress Amy Rider and shot within a tight knit group of friends. A too-young-to-marry couple decide to make a documentary to discover whether we’re biologically monogamous or not before heading to the altar. They end up on a 30-day open relationship experiment.

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