Wong Fu Weekends in Taiwan

Wong Fu Weekends in Taiwan

Last week, Wong Fu Productions announced that they would be making a music video for Chinese American singer LeeHom Wang in Taiwan. Here’s a little more about the video they are working on:

So how did we land this job with such a huge star? It was a random night in June when we opened our email and saw an email from him and his manager saying they’ve seen our stuff on YouTube. We were so shocked, speechless, weren’t sure if it was real. A few emails later and we were talking about doing an mv together. And now, with things really finalized and confirmed we’re proud to say that we’re being flown out to Taipei next week!

We’re extremely grateful for this opportunity, especially since we’ve been fans of him for so many years (I remember hearing my first Leehom song in 2002!!) and just hope we can deliver. It’s our first time working with such a big celebrity, and in a brand new environment, totally out of our element, but we’re looking forward to the challenge. We’ll be sure to keep you updated, because it is your support that has helped get us to this point. Thank YOU! But for now… virtual high five, wish us luck!

Since the guys are out in Asia, we thought we’d resurrect their The One Days: HK series – Lost to Luck, Dream Line, The Returning, and See Through.

Wong Fu Weekends in Taiwan

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