Jackie Chan in V8 juice & smoothie commercials

Jackie Chan in V8 juice & smoothie commercials
Actor/martial arts entertainer Jackie Chan is in a pair of new commercials for V8. (This should quell those Jackie Chan is dead rumors.) The advertisements feature Jackie Chan swooping into everyday life scenarios using his amazing athletic abilities – and his energetic charm – to switch an unsuspecting person’s drink to a veggie-powered V8 beverage.

The first is entitled “Balcony”. He slides down a pole from and replaces a lady’s cranberry juice with V8 vegetable juice. His quick tablecloth pull flings the bottle of cranberry juice and introduces the drink veggie style. After his drink switch up, Jackie Chan scurries up the pole from whence he came.

In the second one entitled “Sidewalk”, Jackie Chan bounces off an awning and uses his martial arts choreography skills to grab a baby stroller, whack away a “bad” smoothie, replace it with a healthy V8 smoothie, and return the baby stroller in one fluid action. He even puts a straw in the drink. His choice of exit for this commercial is grabbing onto a passing truck.

Expect these V8 commercials to run from October to December. If the campaign is successful, you’ll see Jackie Chan in 3 new spots launching new V8 drinks.

Jackie Chan in V8 juice commercial

Jackie Chan in V8 smoothie commercial

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