Breathe by IAMMEDIC

Breathe by IAMMEDIC

IAMMEDIC shows their musical diversity in their latest single “Breathe” of their upcoming album Monster Monster. This song is happens to be the slow song of the album. The group paints a picture of what it feels like to breathe after you’ve been put through a lot of pressure. You can download the song for FREE below:

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Breathe by IAMMEDIC

Lyrics to Breathe by IAMMEDIC

6 steps closer to crashing into closure
my fingers fall asleep til i’m gnashing at my teeth
watching air turn black from the smoking and the ash
close the doors beneath the trees
tear the branches from their leaves, leaves, leaves….
from the leaves, leaves, leaves…..

Catch me, Patch me, you can have me
grow this garden out of poppies
hold my breath inside your heart beat
start me, carve me, take apart me
counting down my seconds softly
hoping one day you can save me
take me, wake me, love me, hate me
fake until you touch and break me…

We drown into the sea beneath
and wash up on the shore
my ghost remains and calls your name
these lights will bring us home

return my thoughts to me….
to me, me, me….
to me, me, me….

feel well…
don’t cry…
don’t cry…

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