On My Throne by J.Reyez x Toestah

On My Throne by J.Reyez x Toestah

Rappers J.Reyez x Toestah bring the heat on the track “On My Throne” off the J.Reyez mixtape “Broken HeART”. The pair smoke the single about climbing up the music industry. They cut out the wackness in favor of swag on their throne. You can download the track FREE here.

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On My Throne by J.Reyez x Toestah (contains explicit lyrics)

(verse 1)
I be killin’ it, please someone call emergency
and I wrote my lyrics, heard the beat and I murked it in first degree
now I’m at the third, it’s getting hot bitch and it’s burning me
get a fuckin VIP, you can be the first to see
smoking with these dope raps and then I go record that
them girls kinda dry, we be asking where the hoes at
you wanna do a track but sorry I do not promote wack
take my rhymes to the bank, I’m asking where my notes at
I don’t wanna damn cheque, only direct deposit
I wanna make enough my room has a second closet
but I ain’t being literal, this is just a visual
of what money can buy when I’m a quarter to my pinnacle
life can get difficult, now look at me and look at you
we ain’t much different, never said I’m too good for you
you wanna be this and that, but never even try for it
only difference is, this music shit I would die for it

I’m feeling like royalty, sitting on my throne
percentage of a business so gimme what I own
I’m on my throne shit, I’m on my throne shit
that everything I’ve done bitch I did it on my own shit

(verse 2)
ever since start to finish, every single bar I’ve written
said I dumbed it down so decided to get smarter with it
dislike the mainstream? you buying all the garbage in it
direct a movie, call it bullshit, you’d be starring in it
and all you suckas contradict like every fucking day
just lemme do my thing ho, you taking all the fun away
if you don’t like me nah I don’t really care
why you even have this track? push the button with a square
swag swag swag swaggin, get the fuck out with that swag shit
it soundin’ like a seizure with every single adlib
I have a damn fever, my tempurature is rising
my buzz getting big but I wanna supersize it
and I already know you doubt it, I don’t care what you say about it
I gotta stay grounded but I’m in the air where the plane is routed
and I’m getting faded, in every city I travel to
they pop a bottle, a couple models, and you can hate it, but you know I made it

(verse 3)
I said I’m T.O.E.S.T. fresher than nestea
Reezy sent the beat, I said I’d finish it by next week
took a day, wrote this shit, I’ve been on that potent shit
shout out to my song, let’s play it back while y’all just smoke to this
swag swag swag too much of that shit gets annoying
I’m focused on my steez, where the beat, bet I’d destroy it
pockets so handsome, and I know they adore it
so don’t come fuckin knocking it, that shit just ain’t important
I be on my blown, getting stoned, my patron shit
I’ve been on my own, on my throne, on my grown shit
haters keep talking but these haters don’t know shit
like when it comes to the flow, mine is the coldest
damn, bitch I’m the realest with the real shit
I’ma kill it til they feel it til they crown me as the illest
you a sorry lil servant, I’m chillin’ like a chinchilla
I swear this shit is fuckin bananas and I’m going gorillas

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