Finding a Perfect Match for Janet Liang : Her Personal Plea

Finding a Perfect Match for Janet Liang: Her Personal Plea

25-year-old Janet Liang posted this powerfully emotional video as she searches for a bone marrow donor match in her battle with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL). She doesn’t have much time left. You could be her match. She has until April to find a match. It’s tough to watch the video, but hopefully it will encourage people to become a bone marrow donor.

Her friends have established the grassroots movement, Helping Janet, with the assistance of a wonderful support network to increase the number of ethnic minorities in the National Marrow Donor Registry to offer life-saving matches for over 10,000 patients. Janet dedicates this movement in memory of Michelle Maykin and her own grassroots movement, Project Michelle, founded a few years ago. Learn how you can help here.

Join a marrow registry in the United States, Canada, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore or other countries.

Finding a Perfect Match for Janet Liang : Her Personal Plea

More about Janet Liang

Janet was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) in August 2009 while studying at UCLA. She endured 8 rounds of high-dosage chemotherapy that lasted over the course of a year – some hospitalizations lasted for 30 days, while others took several weeks. In June 2010, she left the hospital in complete remission and began a regimen of maintenance therapy that kept her cancer-free for a year and a half.

Grateful for the time she had to be healthy, Janet finished her studies and finally graduated. She was hired by a local school district to assist the teaching staff with tutoring high school students. Although she studied for the GRES and got accepted to graduate school, she declined the offer because she was uncertain about her career choice. Instead, she took a long-awaited dream trip to England and France with her mother. Driven by the desire to do things she’s never tried before without hesitation or regrets, she finally crossed traveling to Paris on her list. Janet also got a chance to appear in People Magazine on behalf of the nonprofit organization, First Descents, to promote hope and healing to other young adult cancer patients through whitewater kayaking and other outdoor adventures.

Unfortunately, she has recently relapsed with her leukemia and her plans for the future have been put on hold once again.

She needs your help! She is now pressed for time to find a marrow/stem cell match for a bone marrow transplant that may be the last chance to save her life before she succumbs to this life-threatening illness.

35 thoughts on “Finding a Perfect Match for Janet Liang : Her Personal Plea

  1. Julie M.

    Everyone who would like to help Janet and others in need of matching donors can register for the National Bone Marrow registry at Registration is free, painless, and can potentially help save a life. Thank you.

  2. Jenifer

    Use your social media… Share the story, that’s how Amit Gupta found his match, social media. After more than 7,000 reblogs, countless tweets, 100 bone marrow donor drives, and even an art exhibit, Gupta succeeded. I’ve been sharing with Chinese churches and Asian student groups, etc., encouraging them to hold a donation drive. Maybe everyone could do that.

  3. Jenifer

    Please contact Owen & Linda Wells – they found a donor for their daughter by working with the Chinese Red Cross & the Chinese Marrow Donor Program.

    As Kailee’s parents have written in their blog,” If you know of anyone, anywhere who could benefit from knowing that ‘anything is possible, unless or until you quit,’ please share Kailee’s story.”

  4. Chris

    I just forwarded all the information to my friends in Shanghai and Hong Kong. I dont know if that will help, my assumption is that maybe there is a better chance in the native country, in an unexplored part of the world for bone marrow matches. I hope it helps…

  5. wilson kao

    Thank you Janet for making this world a better place. I will sign up as a bone marrow registry before end of Jan, 2012 because of you.

    National Bone Marrow registry

  6. Steven Chen

    Our 12-years old daughter was diagnosed with ALL in 2010. While she did not need bone marrow transplant, we were told by the doctor that Taiwan has one of the best banks. If she has not tried the bank in Taiwan, she should. Please pass the message. Wish her a full recovery.

  7. Dave

    I have also signed up to be a bone marrow donnor! It is really easy guys! It’s free and they will send you a kit to swab your mouth! You can do it at home! The procedure is easy and you are out of the hospital and back to work the next day!

  8. Alex

    you are in my prayers now. Please be strong, because its people like you that make us spoiled people realize how much we have taken for granted. I pray u recover well and spread the message of hope after your recovery 🙂

  9. Cliff

    Hi Janet. You’re an inspiration with a kind spirit the world is blessed to see. Just reading about your passions, dreams, and giving spirit to others tells me what a special person you are. If someone can let me know how to contact you or help others register, I’ll call friends in parts of the world most likely to increase odds of a match (just need some better direction). I’d also like to know where to send a gift? Praying for your match full recovery. Believe. Be strong. YOU CAN DO THIS. Peace. Love. Namaste. ~ Cliff in California

  10. Alexalex

    How old do you need to be to do this? I’m 17.

    Also, does race automatically disqualify me? I’m Caucasian

  11. Kia

    Be strong and think positive!!! I’m a leukemia survivor. A shout out to all BM donors. Keep the support coming!!!

  12. Jet Keng


  13. Thuy Vo

    I am registering and I hope I match. I couldn’t even watch the video because I am crying now. Love you and God bless. So sorry you are going through this. Proof that the DEvil Does exist.

  14. DON

    don`t be afraid God is always here i know God make a purpose in your a pilipino but i will pray you until your Leukemia is lost be strong and don`t be afraid GOD IS ALWAYS IN YOU FOREVER

  15. Jason Chen

    Have you try to contact Tzu Chi bone marrow center? They has the largest bone marrow donation database in Asia.

  16. Amy Shen

    截至2012å¹´01月31日止 志願捐髓348,234人、尋求配對病患27,604人 骨髓與週邊血移植28國2,747例 臍帶血移植11國61例 …… >>> 詳細內容

  17. Jack Chan

    Well, I hope I match you, God has his will, just stand by Him, that is ok, may this site could help you

  18. rondo wang

    i am Rondo from china, i want to know how can i do a favor onher ,even my help is slight ,but if everyone make a favor to her,she wil recovery and get a new life one day ….

  19. Ayano

    Hi, This is Nora and Sharon’s mom. Some people think that being a bone mrarow donor is very painful, so they hesitate to sign up. Signing up is easy and requires just a blood test. Even the next stage, where you have been identified as a potential donor is easy just a blood test. The actual donating is done under anesthesia and your hip bone(s) might hurt for a few days but what is that bit of pain if it saves someones life? You can take pain pills. The odds are slight that you will ever be called on. I was called for further testing but no further. My husband has never been called on for further testing. But we would have donated without a moment’s hesitation if we had had the chance. So, please, register to be a donor!!!

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