Goodbye to You, Pikachu by blinktwice4y

Goodbye to You, Pikachu by blinktwice4y

To write a good song, you need to be inspired. Singer blinktwice4y (aka Sam Hart) did just that. He had a dream about a musical based on the episode of Pokemon where Ash considers making Pikachu evolve into Raichu using the thunderstone. When he awoke, he wrote the song “Goodbye to You, Pikachu.” If inspired enough, you might see Sam writing a whole Pok√©mon Musical. The songwriter also has the beginnings of a Super Mario Bros. themed alum with Mushroom Kingdom Gurls and Mario Kart Love Song. Look for more from SAm Hart soon.

Goodbye to You, Pikachu by blinktwice4y

Lyrics to Goodbye to You, Pikachu by Sam Hart

nurse joy has put you on the mend
I’m glad to see you well my friend
the battle was fought hard
but the gym leader held the cards

it wasn’t your fault it was mine
I’ve held you back for such a long long time
but now I know
it’s time I let you grow

Pikachu it’s time to say goodbye
to the childlike expression in your shiny eyes
and say hello to the power down below
goodbye to you
hello Raichu

this thunderstone will make us strong
we’ll beat the leader and the others
before long we’ll catch ’em all
and hold the world in our pokeball

I know there’s more to evolution
than changing your name
and the friendship that’s between us
will never be the same
the sacrifice of a pokemon trainer’s life

[chorus] x 2

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