Bedroom Project by Alexander Jung

Bedroom Project by Alexander Jung

Rapper Alexander Jung release his 13 track album “Bedroom Project”. His debut project features Braille, Lyricks, Misfit, and more! It’s a blend of dreams and nightmares sprinkled with struggles in his faith in God throughout his life. His music offers and outlet for him to express the biographical elements that abound in the album.Here’s the track listing:

2 Run Away Train feat. Kay Lim
3 DRMR feat. Lyricks & Misfit
4 Sad Blues, Mean Reds
5 Dreaming in the Jungle
6 Roses & Violets
7 Lexy
8 Mother’s Day
10 3:33 feat. Braille & Rivulet
11 Mahal feat. Isaach
13 Graffiti Music

You can download the album FREE below:

Run Away Train by Alexander Jung x Kay Lim

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