Already Gone short film with Harry Shum Jr.

Already Gone short film with Harry Shum Jr.

Harry Shum Jr. becomes a violent gunslinger in the short film “Already Gone”. The intense 3 minute short take place in a warehouse where criminals steal from other criminals. Here’s more about the short”

Already Gone is a feature-length thriller about a young criminal, Jude Mulvey played by Shawn Ashmore (X-Men), who suffers from Cystic Fibrosis —A terminal condition he’s been afflicted with since birth. His criminal lifestyle is an expression of rage and an attempt to take control of his mortality. Wanting to die anywhere other than a hospital bed has made him a truly fearless (and effective) criminal. Jude and his partner Scott Lee played by Harry Shum (Glee) lead their small crew into drug dens and mob hangouts, successfully robbing other criminals as a staple to his survival. It’s a pretty effective use of Jude’s talents, until he crosses the wrong mobster

The goal of this short was to drop the viewer into the world of the feature film and tell an incomplete story in order to make the viewer want to see more. Time is ticking. There is no time for standoffs.

This is the second time that director Ross Ching (Valentine by Kina Grannis, Offbeat by Clara C, Running on Empty, The Camel Song by Clara C, Without You by AJ RAfael, Missing Piece by David Choi) has worked with Harry SHum Jr. Previously they worked on the short 3 Minutes.

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Already Gone short film with Harry Shum Jr. (contains explicit language and violence)

Behind the scenes of Already Gone short film

Also the cop with the long mustache might look familiar to you. He’s the same one in the music video for Sorry for Party Rockin.

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