Map of the World by Lily Bee

Map of the World by Lily Bee

Singer Lily Bee dropped a new original single “Map of the World” off her upcoming album “Age of Exploration”. The travel themed album features fun songs like this one. Time to explore the uncharted new world and throw caution to the wind. Who knows where your road will lead you?

You can download the track FREE below:

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Map of the World by Lily Bee

Lyrics to Map of the World by Lily Bee

I can’t help but to feel like I’m inside looking out
And it’s losing its appeal
Gotta change things and re-route

Take off, dive in
Throw caution to the wind
Jump off the shelf
You might just find yourself

I’ve got a map of the world
Uncharted, I started to see
A dotted path unfurl
A road full of uncertainty
I don’t know where it goes
But I’m open to who knows

Ba da da da…

Doesn’t matter where you go
You know you’ll run into love
And you’ve got a smile to show
To all the people you’ll think of


Love, love, love, love…
You’ll find love, you’ll find love, love…


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