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May 25th, 2012

Away We Happened Episode 1

by Kevin Hsieh - channel APA

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Away We Happened Episode 1

Wong Fu Productions (Wes, Ted, and Phil) has teamed up with AT&T and their friends Victor Kim and Jen FrmHeadToToe for the interactive web series “Away We Happened”. The story kicks of with a luggage mix up between Victor and Jen. They end up with each others luggage on the opposite coasts. Victor in NYC and Jen in Los Angeles. They need to exchange bags with each other.

What happens next in the storyline is up to you. Wong Fu Productions will collect 2 days of feedback. The will take the feedback to write, shoot, and edit the next episode. Find out next week to see what happens it might just be your idea.

Also check out the other Wong Fu Productions webseries: Company Car and Home is Where the Hans Are.

Away We Happened Episode 1

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