Lost a Fan by Lil Crazed

Lost a Fan by Lil Crazed

Rapper Lil Crazed released a music video for his single “Lost A Fan”. The track talks about the balance between chasing a music career and taking care of his relationship. His music take precedent over his significant other and now he’s lost an important fan. It’s a sad song about going after two things you care about, but in the end only one remains. The single makes you contemplate about what really matters in life and where your priorities are.

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Lost a Fan by Lil Crazed

Lyrics to Lost a Fan by Lil Crazed

stuck up in the past and i can’t think straight,
filling up my cup with Hennessy,
trying to figure out where the hell i went wrong,
and why you’re gone, why i’m alone
and why the hell i feel the need to write this song

~she told me that she really was a fan of me,
but she wasn’t a fan of when i leave,
i told her, baby i’m living out my dream,
she said, what about me?
huh? huh? what about me?
but i’m doing this for us, baby trust,
i’ma get a car, and a mansion and plus,
she stopped me there with her hand in there
said, i don’t care about any of that stuff, so if you want it then that’s fine
but i don’t wanna spend your money and i hope you know that i just wanna spend some time,
i said i know,
and we will when i get back home,
and she said no we won’t,
you’ll be out with your boys or in the studio,
damn you know me,
you know me too well,
damn you know me,
more than i know myself
and now she’s gone,
and i’m alone,
i lost a fan,
but i’m still cold

~laying in a bed that i’ve never been in,
for the same old reason,
then a woman starts knocking on the door,
she says, “housekeeping”
i tell her that i’m good, but really “inside” i’m not,
my “room’s” a mess and i, can’t seem to clean this “spot,”
i need a new towel cuz i threw it in,
gave up on everything her and i could’ve been,
but my “covers” still clean cuz i’m good at hiding things
and i hope my fans don’t get to see this side of me,
gear up for the stage, time for the show,
rock the crowd, and then i’m gone,
check out at noon, catch my flight,
get back to town, where’s my ride?
wait, where’s my ride,
wait, where’s my ride,
gotta call a cab,
she’s not outside
cuz now she’s gone,
and i’m alone,
i lost a fan,
but i’m still cold

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