Invisible by Baiyu x Rotimi

Invisible by Baiyu x Rotimi got the sneak peek of Baiyu’s latest music video Invisible. With the masterful touch of producer & songwriter Kaleb “KQuick” Rollins, the birth of Invisible, a collaboration between artists Baiyu and Rotimi, blossoms romance veiled with a sense of unrequited passion. When two musical power houses collide, the cataclysm condenses into a single stroke of melodic genius.

In preparation for her highly anticipated Summer release of a brand new project entitled Hunter, slated for the June 13, 2012, Baiyu is getting geared up through yet another visual created by director Eif Rivera. For this first video off of Hunter, Baiyu hit the studio and the set with Rotimi, whom more than a musician, is also an accomplished actor on Starz channel’s award-winning television series BOSS, as well as the new face of T.I.’s AKOO line of apparel.

Listen to more Baiyu on these tracks: Make Believe, I Miss You For Now , Together, Sweet Misery, Take a Number, and When We Dance.

Invisible by Baiyu x Rotimi

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