That’s Why mixtape by Jennifer Chung

That's Why mixtape by Jennifer Chung

A few weeks ago, singer Jennifer Chung released the six track mixtape “That’s Why“. She give your a whole new look on her musical style with the infusion of dance pop and the help of music producer Smash Hitta. Her vocals complement the original beats for her new works. Look for her collaborative track with Maribelle Anes & Toestah.

Here’s the tracklisting for her mixtape:

1. Your Year
2. Happiness
3. Forever & Always ft. Maribelle Anes & Toestah
4. (That’s Why) Los Angeles
5. Work Out – Girl’s Perspective (J.Cole Remix)
6. Marvins Room ft. Daniel de Bourg (Drake Remix)

You can download the mixtape FREE here.

Listen to more Jennifer Chung: Common, Simple, Beautiful, One Day, Why Here, Why Now ?, Lollicup Girl, Work Out (Girl’s Perspective), Mystery, and The Way You Do.

Your Year & Happiness by Jennifer Chung

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