Internet Icon : Judges’ Choice Challenge (Part 2)

Internet Icon : Judges' Choice Challenge (Part 2)

“Funny or Die” filmmakers David Fickas and Brice Beckham join Ryan Higa and Christine Lakin as guest judges for the top 5 Internet Icon contestants. The contenders compete in “The Judges’ Choice Challenge” where they had 5 hours to shoot and edit a video based on topics chosen by the judges. The topics selected by the various teams include making an instructional video (Brothers Riedell), a silent video (Team Morgan), a character-driven video made documentary style (Lana McKissack), a video with one continuous take (The FU), and a horror film (Dayside Productions). The judges critique each of the Judges’ Choice Challenge videos, deliberate, and then eliminate one contestant. Watch the videos below to see who you think created the best. Keep your eyes on Dayside Productions, The FU, and Lana McKissack.

The remaining four teams compete in the next challenge: the set challenge. The contestant get paired up with sets they will need to use in their next video: Team Morgan (jail/interrogation room), Brothers Riedell (courtroom), Lana McKissack (bar/restaurant), and FU music (The morgue). All footage must be shot on the set.

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Internet Icon : Judges’ Choice Challenge (Part 2)

Judge’s Choice Challenge videos

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