Chinatown Squad trailer

Chinatown Squad trailer

A new series is in development called “Chinatown Squad” created by Feodor Chin, Stephane Gauger, and Will Henning. A police squad in San Francisco cracks down on the underworld 1890′s Chinatown which is overrun by Chinese gangs. Fong and his father arrive in San Francisco Chinatown, but will quickly lose his innocence in this new country of opium dens and brothels. Racial tensions run high in this shoot em’ up . This period piece looks epic with violence, revenge, and intrigue. Makeup, costumes and sets look spectacular. We can’t wait for this series. Here’s some of the cast:

Feo Chin plays Pistol Pete
David Huynh as Fong
Robert Wu as Wei
Chris Cusano as Lt. Douglas
Jaret Sacrey as Sgt. Harrington

The series is currently being pitched to major TV networks.

Chinatown Squad trailer

Behind the scenes of Chinatown Squad

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