TEASE : Lil Crazed Bullying Prevention Campaign

TEASE : Lil Crazed Bullying Prevention Campaign

TEASE (To Encourage A Safe Environment) is a new project from rapper Lil Crazed and his crew centered on the belief that all kids deserve a safe environment free from bullying and teasing. Through the power of social media they hope to reach kids, parents, teachers, and coaches. Encouraging them to help prevent bullying and teasing. Everyone plays a role in putting an end to the bullying and the tragedies that it can lead too but they can’t do it without you. October is National Bullying Prevention Month and October 10th is Unity Day. Lil Crazed and his crews plan to spread the video all month long with the support of their fans,friends, family, news media and social media.

The basis of their project is a song written and recorded by artist Lil Crazed along with a short film. The song “Tick Tock” has been released with all profits from the sales donated to PACERʼs National Bullying Prevention Center, an organization we are working with to try and make a difference for these kids. You can get the track on Tick Tock (feat. Andrew Garcia) - Tick Tock (feat. Andrew Garcia) - Single.

Every day in America 160,000 kids stay home from school because theyʼre afraid of being bullied. These children are much more likely to develop depression and anxiety. For too long, bullying has been considered a “rite of passage”. PACERʼs goal is to change the culture so that bullying is no longer acceptable in our society. Remember the end of bullying begins with you!

Please support the camapign by linking people to the video through your social media channels. Any amount of tweets, posts, and videos will help in supporting the message.

Here’s more videos about bullying: Childhood Bully by Just Kidding Films, Bully by KevJumba, Overcome, Bully vs Nerd, Hines Ward’s Story, and An Open Letter to All Bullies.

Tick Tock by Lil Crazedx Andrew Garcia (with intro)

Tick Tock by Lil Crazedx Andrew Garcia (no intro)

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