Wonder Woman by Elise Estrada (Dedicated to Amanda Todd)

Wonder Woman by Elise Estrada (Dedicated to Amanda Todd)

Singer Elise Estrada dedicated her single “Wonder Woman” to Canadian teenager Amanda Todd, who committed suicide as a result of cyber-bullying via Facebook. Prior to her suicide, Amanda Todd even put together a 9-minute YouTube video where she held up a series of hand written notes to tell her story. (You can see her video below.) Her ordeal included blackmailing, bullying, and physically assault from various people. It’s such a tragic story about bullying. Learning all of this singer Elise Estrada felt compelled to create “Wonder Woman”. Here’s her message about the song:

I hope this song inspires you to be your own Super hero. BE that change. “Everyone talks about changing the world, but no one talks about changing himself”. People tend to look furthest away from themselves for fault – different countries, different religions, different political parties, or even criticizing others for their personal habits. I believe in order to make a real change, we need to search deep into our actions, behaviors, beliefs and start to do the only work we really can control-within ourselves.

Change begins within. In our families, raising our children to be good. Showing them what a healthy, loving relationship looks like. Treating our partners with friendship and respect. Caring for our aging parents in whatever way we are able. In our communities/jobs/schools-spread love and positivity instead of hate, gossip, discrimination and hurtful words.

Amanda Todd, your story has inspired many people to make changes. Changes within themselves and in their communities. With this song, “Wonder Woman” we really tried to comprehend what you were going through. Kids today don’t have the luxury of going home and escaping the bullies. Bullies are everywhere. They’re on Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Youtube, chat rooms. It deeply disturbs me when people take bullying so damn lightly – “kids will be kids” they say. Or “Suicide isn’t caused by bullying”. Maybe not. But obviously the constant emotional torture and the repeated hurtful words meant to damage Amanda’s spirit, self worth and reputation didn’t have a negative influence on her psyche right? Obviously getting beat up and left in a ditch just to be found by her father didn’t do anything negative to her mental health right? Ignorant, insensitive MEAN people.

So here’s my promise to you Amanda…I will spend so much time spreading love and sharing your story to others. Every time I sing “Wonder Woman” I will speak of you and hope the song touches and inspires young people who are being bullied to stay strong, makes a bully change their ways or gives bystanders the courage to be a SuperHero, form an army and say STOP. I know this won’t put an end to bullying. But if this song and telling your story inspires change in more people, I’m doing my job. “Change ripples with water…and we are that stone.” RIP Amanda.

You can get the single on Wonder Woman - Dedicated to Amanda Todd - Wonder Woman - Dedicated to Amanda Todd - Single.

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Wonder Woman by Elise Estrada (Dedicated to Amanda Todd)

Amanda Todd youtube video