Thank You by Jason Chen x ChaChi Gonzales

Thank You by Jason Chen x ChaChi Gonzales

Singer Jason Chen dropped the music video for his single “Thank You”. The love song features dancer ChaChi Gonzales of as Jason’s love interest. He shows his appreciation for her love by building her portrait out of rubik’s cubes. The 8-bit imagery made of rubik’s cube magically comes to life illustrating the ups and downs of relationships. In the end, it’s been so long overdue, you just wanna say “Thank You” to your loved ones. You can get the song on Thank You - Thank You - Single or amazon.

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Thank You by Jason Chen x ChaChi Gonzales

Lyrics to Thank You by Jason Chen x ChaChi

(Verse 1)
Been thinking about all the days you were
Right by my side
Been thinking about how you never
Left me behind
And all of the things that you said to
Help me ease my mind
And I don’t know where I’d be
Without you in my life

(Prechorus 1)
Now I just
Wanna tell you how much
I appreciate your love

So I’ll be there when you call
Pick you up when you fall
And if you ever get lonely
I’ll be there in a heartbeat

This song is for you
For everything we’ve been through
It’s been so long overdue
I just wanna say
Thank You

(Verse 2)
Been trav’ling this road for so long
We’re still going strong
Cuz without you here I’d be nothing
Nothing at all
Even when times were bad you believed in me
And now I’m standing tall
And I just wanna thank you
For sticking through it all

[Prechorus 2]
Now I just
Wanna show you how much
I appreciate your love


I know it’s not easy
but you were there from the start

I’ll take the kindness you’ve shown me
share the love, and the strength
(Pay it forward) Be all we can be


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