#PinoyTime by Mikey Bustos

#PinoyTime by Mikey Bustos

Singer Mikey Bustos puts a Filipino twist on Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines”. Filipinos tend to work on what is called “Pilipino Time” or “Pinoy Time”. In other words, not being on time and being late about an hour. This video explains Pinoy Time and why Pinoy Time exists. Late, late, late… You can download the spoof FREE here.

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#PinoyTime by Mikey Bustos

Lyrics to #PinoyTime by Mikey Bustos

I’m a Pilipino
Late, late, late (x3)

If you think I’m always running late
And if you believe that I procrastinate
Maybe my watch is dead
Maybe the traffic’s bad
Maybe I’m on Pinoy Time…

I know the time is close
5 mins til my meeting
but I’m Pilipino
and I know if I’m rushing
I just might forget something
Might trip over something
It’s not like I’m gallavanting
10 mins late now making good time

I know you’re waiting,
You’re always waiting
But no complaining
It’s Pinoy time
Since you adore me
You’re waiting for me
Cuz the weather’s stormy

It’s Pinoy Time
If there’s a party
Don’t get there early
Cuz they’re still cooking
It’s Pinoy Time
It’s always better
To finally get there
Parang 1 hr later

Mikey why don’t you try arriving right on time.
You told me to meet you here at 7 o’clock PM sharp!

I took it easy, I’m not so speedy, had to brush my teeth e!

If you’re asking me why is it in my culture to not arrive on time,
Well it’s a simple answer: My Pilipino ancestors worked in agriculture
They used the time to wager what time it was, you estimate lang!
But ancient English had things to finsih on the King’s wishlist
It’s Pinoy Time
And if you took too long, say goodbye to your ulo, thank God I’m Pilipino!

It’s Pinoy Time
When I said seven, ! meant 11, my head got shaven
It’s Pinoy time
When my boss is galit, I get out of it
I just blame traffic!

One thing I ask you, do you think you’re better than me cuz you
came right at 2 when you said 2, I came at 3 cuz that’s how we do.
Pilipinos and Pinoy Time check it! I’m runnin’ behind and I’m pimpin’.
I’m better looking casual, and Pilipinos like to look fashionable and late!
Better late than never I say, if we say 7 it really means 8,
So heat the lechon later on na, don’t worry too much cuz it’s a potluck,
So I admit, I’m late. I’m runnin’ behind on my date.
If she really loves me then she can wait but if she’s Pinay she’ll know how to compensate, yeah!

Hurry up! So late!
I’m not late. I’m on time!

I like to twerk! So I’m gon’ twerk! Though I’m late for work! Hey!

Not a bad thing, and not always true, but if you’re asking me Pinoy Time is good.
It means no rushin’, and no more fussin’, it’s understandin’ that we Pinoys work on Pinoy Time.
It’s Pinoy Power being late 1 hour cuz we bought some flowers.
It’s Pinoy Time! So many reasons: We blame the season, Ryzza Mae Dizon,
It’s Pinoy Time! Baby, I love it. No push and shovin’, cuz I’m not rushin’ on Pinoy Time!
Bein’ late looks sexy. Don’t need to text me. I’m inside the taxi!

On my way na… I’m a Pilipino… Late, late, late…

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