iaTV rebrands and expands

Earlier this week iaTV announced a new primetime lineup, but they are not done this week. iaTV just rebranded themselves today. On their website, the thought bubble logo is gone and a new logo in text with a light burst in the behind it has taken it’s place. (you can see it above.) Their shiny new tag line is America‚Äôs only network for Asian Pop Culture.

Also iaTV announced that they have expanded with both COX Communications and Charter Communications in the Los Angeles area. iaTV premieres on Cox Communications in Orange County, California on July 11 on Channel 475. Meanwhile, the Charter Communications footprints expands beyond San Gabriel Valley and the Inland Empire system. Now, iaTV can be viewed on channel 143 in those two areas, as well as in Glendale, Burbank, Long Beach, Whittier, and Malibu; on channel 219 in Cerritos; and on channel 137 in Ventura. More iaTV for you in Los Angeles!!!

Here’s some programming you can expect. Pancrase on iaTV

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