2010 Super Bowl Commercials – Asian American edition

We had a good response from last year’s post on Super Bowl commercials. So here’s some of the 2010 Super Bowl XLIV commercials we spotted with Asians in them. Depiction of Asian Americans in the commercials are mixed. Stereotypes in ads still exist. BTW – the Google Commercial gave a boost on our site for the Tiger Woods Google search history spoof.

Budlight’s Asteroid Ad (Asian scientist looking through telescope)

Budlight’s Stranded Commerical (aka Lost spoof) – Look for the Asian guy in the suit and Asian woman playing imitation “Daniel Dae Kim” and “Yunjin Kim”

Volkswagen Punch ad (Asian kid in the car in the beginning of the commercial, dud in the ambulance, and pregnant lady)

TruTV With Troy “Punxsutawney” Polamalu

Intel’s Lunch Room ad

KGB Sumo Commercial

Coca Cola’s Simpsons Commercial (Apu Nahasapeemapetilon plays a key role in end. Yes, we know he’s a cartoon and an Indian stereotype, like the Indian pitchemen for the Metro PCS commercials.)

We didn’t like this one at all Ninja Star Doritos thrown by a guy in a Dorito Samurai outfit (umm, Samurai’s don’t throw ninja stars)

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