The A List by Jin

The A List by Jin

Inspired by the “Top Ten Greatest Asian American Rappers Of All Time” list floating around (see it here), Jin decided to do a tribute track to all these Asian American rappers as well as up and comers in the game. Here’s the original list:

10. Dumbfoundead
9. Southstar (formerly of Smilez and Southstar)
8. Bambu (formerly of Native Guns)
7. Roscoe Umali
6. Geologic aka Prometheus Brown (of Blue Scholars)
5. (of The Black Eyed Peas)
4. Far East Movement (Group)
3. Chan aka Snacky Chan
2. Mountain Brothers
1. Jin

Beyond these top ten, Jin cleverly incorporates other Asian American artists doing there thing. like R.E.I.G.N., Flowsik, Shogunna, Rook, Lyrics Born, Chuckie A, Lil Crazed, Lyriks, Manifest, Decipher, J. Reyez, D-pryde, Johnnyphlo, Demo, Tantrum, Traphik, LA, and Yung Mac. Did we miss anybody?

As with all lists you can’t stick everyone in it. Here’s a quote from Jin “I’m pretty sure there’s a ton of artists out there doing their thing that I failed to mention. Do know that it was not done so with any ill intentions. Keep making moves!”

Who’s on your Top Asian American rapper list?

The A List by Jin

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