The Pain by J. Reyez

The Pain by J. Reyez

J. Reyez dropped a music video for his song “The Pain” about his experience so far as a growing artist in this music game for the past few years. He talks about his struggle as an indie artist trying to make in the industry. In his words, “I felt the need to vent on a song and express my feelings about the negative side of being an artist so please don’t take any offense.” The video shows clips of his work and shows from 2006 til the present. (This kinda reminds us of Pardon Me by Mike-Dash-E.)

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The Pain by J. Reyez

Lyrics to The Pain by J. Reyez

(verse 1)
now I don’t really understand what is right
if you’re saying that I’m wrong and you’re feeling so right
but I’m feeling so right and I think that you are wrong
so that means we’re both right? and the both of us are wrong?
I don’t understand life, I can’t really see a light
when it’s dark in my world and I’m feeling so blind
and the shine we wake up to, the things in our lives
and these things that we must do, just to survive
when you’re walking downtown everybody just brush you
the industry’s like a strip club too
look at everybody on the stage and they’re tryin to get paid
make change and some are there in the game just to fuck you over
and everyone give you the cold shoulder
a loner, the people in the city really do hate
and everybody walk around with a screwface
but I’ma reach the sky, it’s never too late

(verse 2)
what is really hard work? I don’t know what it must be
trust me, the unappreciated never succeed
we gotta wait so long to get a big break
see I’ve been breakin’ my back for my city
and I’m workin my ass off, I can’t even sit straight (pause)
they respect what I do but they diss me
what I do is me so it don’t make sense
I didn’t come in the game trying to make friends
so when I don’t reply, don’t get offended
and I don’t get it, I don’t know who my friends is
or who my friends are, so I’m pretending
when the success starts they try to be your bestfriend
and everybody fake in there own ways
so many I can point out but I don’t say
I’m on stage and my life is like a roleplay
I wanna fly but the wings already flown away

(verse 3)
they don’t notice me when I’m helping everybody else
and they say I’m cocky when I wanna focus on myself
and I’m trying to make it far and I could be better off
but I’m kind and I should say my name instead of yours
I don’t wanna lose and I don’t need luck to win
quit lying to yaself, you didn’t do a fuckin’ thing
you can’t phase me, these people acting like they fuckin’ made me
I been working and nobody ever paid me
doing my thing now, making money on my own
and I’m shunning on the low, I don’t care if you hate me
and I gotta home, real friends where I belong
it ain’t wrong, I’m not a category where you can place me
appreciate myself, everything that God gave me
use it to my advantage, what I been doing lately
I do it all and nobody does it for me
don’t take it personal and no I ain’t sorry

(verse 4)
I’m feeling in my zone but I’m feelin so alone
with nobody that’s around me, concealing what is known
every one of my surroundings, easily confusing me
with my race and appealing to my own
with a face that doesn’t quite fit in with the community
it’s hard to get hot when you’re dealing with the cold
and there’s no sign of unity, everybody stare you
and every song that you release, they compare you
and I’m aware too, I’m just trying to bare through
gotta be careful, the industry will tear you
and don’t be so fly without your parachute
it changed me, now I’ve done what I didn’t dare to do
I still haven’t seen money after 9 shows
I’ve been patient, I’m feeling like the times froze
I can’t stand the world, I’d rather die slow
I’d rather die slow, and I’m so

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