Jeremy Lin works out with NBA teams

Jeremy Lin works out with NBA teams

A few months ago Ed Wang got drafted by the Buffalo Bills. Now we turn our eyes toward Jeremy Lin and the NBA draft. He worked out with several teams in recent weeks including the Knicks, Grizzles, Mavericks, and Warriors. Most recently, he worked out with the Golden State Warriors, the team near his hometown of Palo Alto. In the post workout interview, Jeremy discussed being part of a pick and roll system, the NBA Draft, being a potential Golden State Warriors, and being a role model to the Asian American community. If he does get drafted by the Warriors, the Oakland Arena will have a lot more Asian faces sitting in those seat every game.

Comcast interview with Jeremy Lin

In another interview, Jeremy Lin goes in depth about how being an Asian American has helped and hindered his career. (Similar to Ed Wang‘s story). He also talks on how he got recruited out of high school from Harvard and Brown. After choosing Harvard, he had to make adjustments in the East Coast, but had fun out there. (No In-N-Out burgers in the East Coast tho.) As for his basketball skills, his strengths are being a playmaker and defender. Things he needs to work on include his jumpshots and 3-point shooting. He thinks he’ll thrive in the Warriors system. Tune into the NBA Draft to see if he gets selected. If you’re wondering what Jeremy Lin will do if he doesn’t get drafted. As a devout Christian, Lin is considering becoming a pastor in a church near his Palo Alto home.

Warriors World Interview with Jeremy Lin

Mavericks recap on Jeremy Lin (see 1:53 mark)

Grizzlies recap on Jeremy Lin (see 3:06 mark – he does a dunk too.)

NY Knicks recap on Jeremy Lin (see 34 second mark)

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