Traffic Gods by Patricio Ginelsa

Ford Fiesta Movement: The Traffic Gods

As part of the Ford Fiesta Movement Challenge, director/producer Patricio Ginelsa from Kid Heroes put together an incredible 5 minute short. Vanae Tran and Fran Larkin delivers a great mix of excitement, humor, and visual content. You may recognize some of Patricio’s  music video work including Hopie Spitshard’s “Yummy”, Vox Merger’s “American Pie”, and Bambu’s “Crooks and Rooks”. Other works he’s won in competition include The Digital Family and love (cupid style)

If you like what you see, Text ‘SFFILM’ to 44144 before June 14 to help Patricio’s short win. For more information on the Ford Fiesta Movement film challenge, click here

Ford Fiesta Movement: “The Traffic Gods”

update: Behind the scenes footage for Traffic Gods by Patricio Ginelsa

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