That’s What She Said web series

That's What She Said web series

That’s What She Said (TWSS) webseries is the first major project of Pearl Girls Productions. The series chronicles the lives of five fictional characters–Leslie, Rae, Shin, Baby, and Nic–within the queer sphere of the greater Los Angeles area.

TWSS was created out of a desire to see positive Asian representations in the media, as well as to give voice to the often-untold stories of queer Asian women. As it is, Los Angeles holds one of the largest Asian populations in the United States (second only to New York), and is historically significant as a center for media and entertainment. Yet, save for a few examples, they are hard-pressed to find complex, multi-dimensional portrayals of queer Asian experiences.

For more information and updates, visit official website for That’s What She Said here.

That’s What She Said Trailer

About Pearl Girls Productions:

Pearl Girls Productions was created through the inception of the webseries, That’s What She Said. As six queer and queer-allied Asian women (and so much more), their hope is that their efforts will positively impact social consciousness through the power of media–in particular (though certainly not restricted to) the spread of positive representations of queer Asians.

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