Google launches 2011 Japan Earthquake people finder

Google launches 2011 Japan Earthquake people finder

Google has launched a “people finder” that allows people to search for information on people impacted by Japan’s earthquake and tsunami. If you are looking for someone in Japan, you can use the FREE tool below:

Hopefully, this database will stay clean for people to find one another. PLEASE NOTE: All data entered will be available to the public and viewable and usable by anyone. Google does not review or verify the accuracy of this data.

Additionally, Google has also has photos of shelter resident lists in Japan. Those who are unsure of their loved ones’ whereabouts can check here.

Google launches 2011 Japan Earthquake people finder

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  1. Lavonne Fannik

    I am looking for the Vehera family: Mitsue Vehera, Takuya Vehera. I am very concerned for their welfare and would appreciate any information.

  2. Darlene

    I am looking for Masako Miyanishi (birth name) Noguchi (married name). Her husband is Masato and they have a young son, Ryunosuke. She was an exchange student in the USA in 1989 – 1990. I know her family lived in Maeboshi, Gunma Ken. She had sisters. I believe the family was involved in a ski business. I have not been in touch with Masako for a few years and the last time she contacted me she lived in Tokoyo. I would love to know that if her family is safe and let her know that her USA friends are concerned for her and all of Japan.

  3. Therese

    I am looking for the Watanabe family: Sadao, 55, Fuziko, 55, Sadayuki, 23, Saori, 27. Saori lived with us in the U.S. in Los Angeles area in 2000 for three weeks. At that time, her father was an elementary school teacher. Her mother was a nurse. We are very concerned for her and her family’s well being. Any information will be most appreciated. The last address I had for them was 10-9-603, Okage, Miyagino, Sendai-shi, Miyagi-ken. Please reply here if you can help!

  4. hiroko black

    hiroko is like a grandmother to me she lived in tacoma washington and was married to norman black she moved back in 1990 or so please would love help

  5. abnir snay

    abnir is a best friend of mine in tring really hard to make sure hes ok he lived washington till 1996 then went into the military and then moved to japan please would love to hear he is ok

  6. David Legae

    Looking for Dr. Kaoru Akoshima. Is archaeologist with Tohoku University. Friend I want to make sure is OK.

  7. Mrs. Rice

    I am trying to locate the family of Tomoko Okada, last living in Bisai City, Aichi, Japan about 6 years ago. His daughter, Kiroko and son, Shinji, were my former students while in the U.S. I would appreciate any information on the family.

  8. Sandy

    Looking for Fumiko Yoshimura who teaches English at Tohoku Gakuin University in Sendai. Any information on Fumiko or the University would be appreciated.

  9. Cindy Muth

    I am looking for Kazuko Inoue (approx. age 43 or 44). In 1983, Kazuko came to stay with our family in Houston, Texas. Kazuko is married (I don’t know her married name) with a daughter. She would know our family name Muth.

  10. Shawn

    I am hoping to find Machiko Inoue in Nagoya Japan. I worked in Japan many years ago, and this lovely woman helped me through many difficulties, and invited some of our crew into her family home. A great honor. Anybody with information of her whereabouts, please post!! Shawn.

  11. Keith & Joan Tsuji

    Looking for Junko Tada, of Maeharanishi in Funabashi, Chiba-ken. Hope you’re all safe and well. Give your grandchildren a hug for us. Aloha from Tsuji family.

  12. andrea voss

    I am looking for Tsunehisa and Nagako Tanaka, Itsukaichi…children, Yu, Kumi and Chun…close family friends between 1979 and 1984 while I lived at Yokota AB, Japan

  13. Tracy Susan (Enos)

    Looking for Hiroko Black. Last known to live in Lakewood, Washington, but moved back to Japan. Was married to Norman Black (deceased). She was like a grandmother to my children and we would dearly love to hear from her. Cherie and Chuck miss you!!!

  14. William Flori

    Looking for Uncle, Isamu Horiguchi in Chofu-shi, Tokyo,
    we are in need of locating him and family

  15. Debbie Daniels

    I am looking for the family of Atushi Takahashi. Atushi owned a Duskin franchise in Sendai before passing away. His son had since taken over the business. It is his son and family whom I am looking for. They reside in Natori City. Thank you for any help.

  16. Willard Ford

    I am looking for URA KENGO (or KENGO URA in the US). He is a professional MMA fighter who lived in Los Angeles until just recently. He has not responded to phone calls or email. He is a dear friend and I just want confirmation of his location and safety.

  17. antonio

    im looking for CHIKO i met her in Orlando Fl. about seven years ago i would like to know if she is ok..if somebody know her please let me know..thank you for your help..

  18. Francisco Hoyos

    I am looking for Teruko Yaguchii, (Yaguchii Teruko) I’m not sure if the last name has 2 ii’s. She lives in the Yokosuka area. I am concerned for her safety. We were married many years ago, I hope she is alright.

  19. James Hamel

    I am looking for any information about the Sagara family. Their youngest son was named Takahiro Sagara and they lived in the Miyagi prefecture outside of Sendai on a street called Shirakashidai. If you know anything about the Sagara family this is their exchange student son Jim Hamel who lived with them for a summer in 1992. My email is below.

  20. ernesto rodriquez

    I am hopeing to find information about a friend,Chihoko Okamoto. Her last known address was in Tokai Mura. I hope that she is alright

  21. Steve Jones

    I am looking for Midzuko Fuse, of Sendai. We were acquainted in San Francisco in 1997, around February, at the European Guest House at 761 Minna ST, in the SOMA district. I have since relocated back to my hometown of Houston, Texas, where I substitute teach. I just wanted to make sure that she and her family are O.K. God’s blessings.

  22. Pat Walker

    We are looking for Shoko Ishabashi (maiden name). She was an exchange student in 1995 with our family. Her family was from Osaka and Tokyo. We just want to check on her well-being and make sure she and her family are ok.

  23. Josh DeFord

    Hello I am looking for Yujiro Kunitake. My name is Josh he was a very dear friend of mine in 2000 was just hoping all is well with him…

  24. John King

    John and Nancy King are looking for Yumiko Kitazawa and her husband Hisayasu. They live in Aoba-ku, Sendai-shi. We are very concerned for their safety. We have known Yumiko since 1998 when we lived in Japan and still stay in touch with her. If anyone has any information about her or her husband please let us know. Our e-mail is

  25. John King

    ジョンとナンシー王由美子北沢寿康夫を探しています。仙台市青葉区で暮らします。私たちは、安全のため非常に懸念しています。由美子は日本に住んでいたとき 1998 年以来知られているし、まだ彼女のタッチで滞在します。誰も彼女または彼女の夫についての情報がある場合はお知らせください。私たちの電子メールを です。

  26. Ana Armstrong

    Ana Tindugan Armstrong, im looking for kazuhiko shimada, he live in room 101 kagi-so-17-7 kita shijuku,shinjukuku tokyo, in behalf of my sister Merlina and her daughter Yoko and tako, we are looking for him, after the tsunami in Japan, they never heard from him..please if anyone has information about him please let us know.our email:

  27. Lauren T. McGrath

    Lauren McGrath…I am looking for the Shigeaki Moryama family who live in Fanabushi, CHIBA at
    353-6-310 Gyoda-Cho, zip 273-0043. The father is Shigeaki, the mother is Hidemi, the son is Shuto and my 11 year pen pal that I met in 2000 in Hawaii is AIRI. She is like a sister to me and my family and I are praying they are all safe. If anyone, at all, has information on this family, please contact me at our e-mail We want to offer any help to them they might need and to tell them we love them. Please someone help us find out if they are ok. Love, Lauren, Judy, Scott, and Madison McGrath. xoxoxo

  28. Carole Lopez

    I am looking for:
    Mariko & Shinchi Kimura, Saori’s parents.
    Saori Fujita, she has two children: Sukura age 7 (girl) Ryunosuke age 2 (boy)
    They all reside in Kumamoto City, (in the southern most part of Japan)

    Please contact me to let me know you are ok.

  29. Ted and Lee Atnip

    We are trying to contact Nobuaki Negishi. The last contact we had with him was that his mother, father, and 2 brothers lived in Tokyo. He was our foreign exchange student who lived with us in 1990.
    He should be around 38 years old now. He previously had worked at the Shinsei Bank in Chuo-ku, Sapporo. His family address in Tokyo was 4-15-8 Nishiogi Minami, Suginamika, Tokyo 167 Japan.
    Please have him contact the Atnips in the US.

  30. Keiko Williams

    I am looking for Saori Hijii. She was an exchange student in our home in Whitby, ON back in 2008. Her mother’s name is Erika, father is Keikirou and brother is Kousuke. They lived in Iizuka-Shi, Fukuoka. I haven’t been able to get in touch with her and am very concerned.
    Please contact us and let us know you and your family are safe.

  31. kamran

    I am looking for Lucia apareceda yonamine.she is (nikei) brazilian & japanees. She lived in Shinmachi in Japan. Please contact me to let me know you are ok.please give me answer…..

  32. Jennifer

    I am looking for Machiko Tsuji she has a younger sister and her two parents. Last time I knew, she was Aichi-Ken, Japan. She would be 26 or 27 years old now. We met in Findlay, Ohio in the United States almost 12 years ago. We were friends who lost touch. I hope she is okay. Please contact me at if you know where she is or if she and her family are okay. Thank you!

  33. ann margaret

    Wondering about Teruo Fukuji, used to live at Kanaoka-cho, Sakai City, Osaka Japan, is about 65-70 years old. Had as pen pal for many years. We exchanged gifts and many letters. I was told by a relative to stop writing to him, and being young, I did what I was told. Think of him every time there is a cataastrophe in Japan.

  34. Michael Lucas

    I am looking for Sachiko Umemoto. She used to live at 6-302 Asaka Kodan, Asaka Danche, Saitama Prf. My name is Mike Lucas and Sachiko and I were very much in love but drifted apart after I returned to america. My address is 705 North River Rd., Rogue river, Oregon USA.
    This occoured back in the 1970’s so the info is old. But I would love to see her again. Thank You in advance for any assistance you may provide. My Tel # is 541 299 0224

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