I Do This All Day by J. Reyez

I Do This All Day by J. Reyez

J.Reyez released his latest track “I Do This All Day”. Not only does he rap on the track, but also he produced the beats on this one. In the song, he tells you why he’s on top of his game and puts haters in their place. Nothing’s gonna stop him. You can download this track FREE here.

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I Do This All Day by J. Reyez

Lyrics to I Do This All Day by J. Reyez

(verse 1)
making moves, yup they call them the makers
flying in an aircraft, I’m so aviator
meteor flow hit ya body with them craters
step up on stage looking like Darth Vader
your rhymes dull mine will cut ya face like a razor
living life greater, flipping bars like a skater
invisible, you can’t see me, water vapor
if you wanna succeed you’ll get a lotta haters
but listen up hater, you should do yourself a favor
watch ya girl cuz shes a mm I wouldn’t wanna date her
my youtube views speeding up like a racecar
getting more subs and you see me on ya radar
and I’m on the grind, see the fans recognize me
I shine bright in ya eyes like a highbeam
I wreck the track, you can call it a traincrash
and I state the facts and you suckas can’t change that

I do this all day, life is like a high way
I do this all day and I do it my way
cuz I’m the runnin back and I ain’t never runnin back
to the past, enjoy ya life hater, wish you luck with that

(verse 2)
I’m heavyweight, pound for pound, you are just ounces
I’m so astounding, I’ll leave you dumbfounded
I’m coming from the underground, flow out the fountain
count my own money cuz I’m my own accountant
turning up the PA, this is my announcement
snares on deck, 808’s f*ckin’ bouncing
keep it real a thousand, my team well grounded
my music heard around b*tch, you are just surrounded
and I’m so determined, you gotta understand it
and dreams bringing everybody to a different planet
I get it how I get it and I’ve written what I’m livin’
and it’s me against the world, middle finger to the critics
got my tie and suit on, I’m all about the business
and I am just too gone, this buzz got me trippin
cranberry and orange with the vodka’s what I’m mixing
searching for abundance, I’m gonna find the riches
it ain’t about nothin cuz we all want somethin’
this track is cross country… I run it
I am number 1 cut, I keep this sh*t buzzin’
burn cuz I’m hot and I’m stunnin’, combustion

(verse 3)
yup I hold my team down til I’m a multi-billionaire
I’m aiming for my goals with a bulls eye
my flow so cool and it keep the wind breezy
you rappers 2 dimensional, my sh*t’s in 3D
wearing my clothes but you still can’t be me
It ain’t easy, switch it up
I’m speeding up and you see it, cuz I’m rising up and succeeding
and you watching me so believe it, muthaf*ckaz know I cuisine it
cuz I eat this beat up with my feet up, and I heat it up like a pizza
and you know my rhymes will decease ya and the slaughterhouse better clean up
ugh you ain’t even take off from the landing strip, while I’m planning trips
expanding the biz, they demanding the kid and I tan this b*tch, can’t handle this (hold up)
and you know that I’m so hot, like you forgot you left your stove on
I’m stylish, keep it moving on autopilot like robot
the fame high, I ain’t change sides, I’m the same guy
in case you don’t know me, my name is J.Reyez

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