Ichiro Suzuki can hit anything

Ichiro can hit anything

It’s been said that Seattle Mariners outfielder Ichiro Suzuki can hit anything. Teammates Chone Figgins and Justin Smoak test the theory by pitching hit all kinds to things to hit. Ichiro whacks everything from a roll of toilet paper to a can of corn to tic tacs. We’re sure Ichiro will get a ton more hits once baseball season starts.

BTW – Recently, he donated 100 million yen ($1.25 million) to the Japanese Red Cross Society for quake & tsunami relief efforts. Props to him for supporting his country.

Ichiro Suzuki can hit anything

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  1. Hereticjack

    Great vid. Here’s hoping the rest of the team can help pick up the slack this year. Good ol’Ichiro, the Barry Sanders of baseball.

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