Space Cake by Al Rocco

Space Cake by Al Rocco

Rapper Al Rocco (aka Karma) released his single “Space Cake”. The track takes on whack rappers as he grinds to the top. The international Asian rapper began his adventure in the underground hip hop community in 2003. With his unique flow and lyrical delivery, he expresses his concerns, experiences and confessions of his personal mind and emotions. Moreover to use his talents to help and motivate others in all areas in life when music is available to them. Rocco’s style has been reviewed by others as, Tupac “influenced”. (Referencing his “Breathe” Demo.) Some also reviewed his music as unique and different from other artists commercially.

Al was born in Hong Kong and was raised internationally: in places such as; London, Cambridge, Shanghai, Taiwan, New York and now currently settled in Los Angeles. With this worldly culture to his advantage, he enjoys meeting all personalized people from limitless cultural backgrounds. With this in mind, he spreads the word about his craft as a hip hop artist as he meets new people around the globe and with the help of his close friends, the movement is spreading fast to a wider audience. He’s got some accolades in Asia already:

-#1 Rank on Myspace, Hong Kong Charts in Hip Hop (2006-2008)
-Performed to an audience over 2500 people: Club Hot, TST Hong Kong (2006-2007)
-Performed live on Hong Kong national tv – All Stars (Charity for AIDS). (2007)
-Recorded and mixed over 400 tracks, not including work done for other artists. (2003 – Present)
-Featured 2 tracks on Activision’s game: True Crime Hong Kong (2010 – 2011)

Now he’s bringing his music to the US. He just releases his LA Confidential EP 2011

You can download it FREE and includes the Space Cake track.

Space Cake by Al Rocco

Lyrics to Space Cake by Al Rocco

uh let me give it to you real quick
from the roots to the booth i lay it real sick
picking out competition with a tooth pick
fighting fellaz twice the size of me ruthless
move bitch while i do it from the am
to the pm/ baby god damn
never seen a fly asian from the motherland
you could the enemy i could be the friend
i kinda understand my way of life
blazing on the kush while im busting on the mic
busting on her tithes and im busting on her right
she want it in the morning and that was kinda tight
im kinda like the yellow duck outcasted
never had a daddy but im not the only bastard
never was in school but never was a fool
and believed i could do anything with my mind set to it

now that im here ima b on a mission
shut ya bitchings positive lifitings
life’s business of an honest living
but it is not about the money its about the feelings
about the miracles im feeling spiritual
its kinda piffiful nobody takes advantage
and i be coming through the 852
when i do i b taking over like a savage
delivering package after package
two stepping while i get it cracking like te acid
fasten passing on the kush g passion
time will tell and now tell me who’s laughing
im on the grind climbing to the top now
a king without a queen im feeling top crown
haters hate now who saying that im hot now
cursing down the blvd with the top down
the skies no limit far beyond space
far beyond the feeling when im on space cakes
the skies no limit far beyond space
far beyond the feeling when im on space cakes

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