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Imagine that you have achieved success as a bona-fide music superstar. You’ve written songs, won awards, and have been recognized as one of the best in the music industry. Then you walk away.

More specifically, you step aside to form a new group to start all over on the other side of the world. Aziatix has done that….times three.

Allow me to re-introduce the accomplished members. Eddie Shin has released an album, numerous singles, and composed songs for various artists. Nicky Lee has released five albums and won the 2007 Best Male Sing Award at Taiwan’s Golden Melody Awards. FLOWSIK is a rapper, songwriter, producer who has collaborated with heavyweights in hip hop, such as Ice-T. Together, they form Aziatix, a hip hop/R&B group as well as a label assembled by Jae Chong. There was only one reason the three left their solo success to band together. They plan to take it to the next level and make global music that can reach fans worldwide.

Eddie Shin of Aziatix

As Korean Americans with an extensive background in the music business, the members of Aziatix create an eclectic sound together. “We grew up out here, but we also spent a lot of time in Asia. Our sound is a mix of the East and West. When we let people here listen to our music, they say there’s an Asian feel to it. When we take our music there [Asia], they say “the rhythm, the beat…what is that?!”

Flowsik of Aziatix

In addition to the Aziatix’s talent individually and collectively, the fact that the group carries a hip hop head speaks volumes to another hip hop lover, yours truly. And after minutes, it’s not hard to tell FLOWSIK is truly a fan of hip hop for he believes in the power and movement of the culture. “I think the beauty of hip hop is expressing yourself. I really wish, through rap, that I’ll be able to inspire and motivate others.” Not to mention his energy for the culture is sick. When asked who they would like to collaborate with, FLOWSIK’s raspy voice replied, “Young Money”. Then enthusiastically once more, “YOUNG MONEY!”

The rapper is a New York native who flew to Asia and met Eddie and Nicky. Between the three, they have done some widespread traveling. Despite that, they all agree that there is no place like home. They know where they come from and where they want to be. In my opinion, they also know where they are meant to be. When I asked them what they would do if they weren’t in the music industry, they all still managed to pick something that routed back there.

Nicky Lee of Aziatix

Except for Nicky who claims, “I love to eat. I would probably be a professional eater….Thank God I can sing!” Yes, the soulful singer can! And there are an abundant amount of “Aziaddicts” who would agree with me. None of this would be possible without them as the trio humbly tell me, “We definitely want to thank all the fans for their love and support. We’re just starting, but the response has been overwhelming. We’re humbled and we want to thank each and every one of you. If it wasn’t for the fans, we wouldn’t be here now so thank you and we love you”.

In addition to their fans, Aziatix would “like to be a good influence on the next generation and be positive role models who show the kids they can chase after their dreams and accomplish what they want to do in life”. Ultimately, these talented men are here to make good music for everybody, with no color lines or barriers, and they’re coming for those Grammys, MTV Awards, and Billboard Awards. Make no mistake.

They’ve done it before and the chances of history repeating itself look good. Jae Chong once told Eddie, “He’s not going to wait for history to happen. He’s going to go out and make history”. Well, here they go again.

Aziatix’s EP drops next month! Be on the lookout!! Get their single “Go” on Go - Go - Single today.

Go music video by Aziatix

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    thanks for this wonderful article. actually, their EP is already on iTunes and it has hit #4 on the R&B US iTunes charts… 🙂

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