Just Like You by J. Reyez x Jin

Just Like You by J. Reyez x Jin

J. Reyez teams up with Jin to drop the fresh new joint “Just Like You”. The rapping duo reflects on their “success” and how they’re no different from you. In their low key single, they’re both chasing dreams, but remain grounded in their rise to fame. J. Reyez x Jin keepin’ it real on this track. You can download the single FREE here.

Jin continues connecting up with The A-List. He’s dropped verses on The Reunion by Jin x LS x Snacky Chan and Charlie Sheen by Traphik x Dumbfoundead x Jin. Who’s next?

Just Like You by J. Reyez x Jin (contains profanity)

Lyrics to Just Like You by J. Reyez x Jin

(verse 1)
watching my videos, people think that I’m a star
but a star that can’t afford to drive a car
exercise everyday cuz I’m always walking
fans anticipating on my tracks to be dropping
back to the office lab to record again
chillin’ in my white tee, buttoned up cardigan
winter time I’m suffering in the cold weather
3 layers and on top is an old sweater
to live a dream where my name is in bold letters
they say it’s all about dreams, I was told better
with no action uh you just slackin
nope, you won’t get none of life’s satisfactions
I’m grinding don’t you get it? Gotta keep up with an image
when I drop that real sh*t do any y’all even listen?
uh cuz I don’t fit your description
of what a rapper’s suppose to look like so you be trippin?

I’m just like you, you, so don’t be fooled
I’m getting a little known so you think I’m cool
videos, oh you think I’m rich
with material things, it’s making me sick
like you, you, sick of these cold streets
and I’m just like you cuz I’m trying to succeed
yeah, chasing this so called dream
but I’m just like you, I’m just like you

(verse 2)
I ask God will I make it? get out of this damn basement?
a new challenge everyday is what my life’s facing
they say I’m getting famous but I ask what this fame is?
they say it’s like a drug that your ass can start craving
starting to feel the high, the wants and the needs
is this the feeling you get when people succeed?
all the cars and the women, it’s starting to mislead
it feels so good, you’d be lying if you disagreed
I wanna share this dream, with me and my team
well it’s a good thing I kept a lifetime receipt
I can return it when I feel like I don’t want it
anymore cuz responsibility should take caution
and I got this, hope fill up my pockets
that maybe one day, my job won’t need to clock in
you can’t knock it, no, I’m not ballin’
but watch for that day, you’ll see me shot callin’

(verse 3)
you know that feeling you get when you’re on a verge of success
and the world is a mess, you’re suddenly nervous and stressed
feeling alone like you’ve been deserted and left
nothing you do can subdue the hurt in your chest
I’m just like you, don’t be surprised
cuz all my life, they ain’t wanna see J rise (get it?)
I rose above it, that’s how I came up
hate it or love it, they gotta bring my name up
you see me as an artist but behind that is a man
it’s way deeper, I don’t look at you as just a fan
even when I gained weight, they said no one is as sick as Jin
that’s what I call holding me down through thick and thin
no need to be surprised when I stop and I say hi
and when you hit me up, don’t be shocked that I reply
if life’s a movie, welcome to my cinema
check behind the scenes, you’ll see our scripts are quite similar

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