Quantum Cops web series teaser

Quantum Cops web series teaser

This summer get ready for the web series Quantum Cops starring Feodor Chin (Golden Boy), David Huynh (Bang Bang), and Kelvin Han Yee (Hawaii Five-O) . Previously, Feo Chin and David Huynh were in the gang drama film Baby. The pair join the other side as lawmen in the sci-fi buddy comedy series Quantum Cops. Here’s more on the upcoming series:

Meet the newest, most badass Cop Duo on the streets, Bronson Law (Feodor Chin) and Bennie Chicoban (Joshua Murphy), rogue detectives with a renegade attitude that frequently clash with The Chief (Kelvin Han Yee), yet they are not above exploiting the Rookie (David Huynh) whenever they need to, which is often. They ride around in their hilarious talking Car, GITT, who rarely cooperates with their commands. Once this duo stumbles upon the ability to travel through space and time, no dimension is safe.

We hear it’s gonna be hilarious with hot babes, handsome dudes, and R-Rated language. Viewer discretion advised. Look for the series to begin mid-late August 2011 or early September 2011. You can expect genre twisting action across 8 episodes for season 1.

Quantum Cops web series teaser (contains profanity)

Quantum cops (exteneded trailer)

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