Grow album by Marie Hsiao (aka mree)

Grow album by mree

Singer Marie Hsiao (aka mree) released her first full length, self-produced album “Grow”. The album is full of all original songs. Musically trained from a young age, Mree is a multi-instrumentalist who began performing and writing her own songs at the age of fourteen. Her melodies are infectious and her voice has been described as “brilliant” and “angelic” while her lyrics “portray a depth not typically found in artists her age.” Here’s a list of tracks from Grow:

Against the Current
Of the Trees
Breathe Easy
You Are (feat. Jared Foldy)
Grow (instrumental)– song playing in this video
On Your Own
Goodnight & Goodbye

You can get the album online at Grow - Mree. Also check out her music video for Atmosphere

Grow album by mree

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